There is no limit, perhaps, to the variety of dresses that keep coming in and going out from the market. However, one such amazing trend that has certainly been making waves is the Chambray Dress design which is easy breezy, casual and oh-so-chic. Let’s have a look at some of the designs as follows.

Chambray Shirt Dress

Chambray Shirt Dress Source

This awesome looking blue shirt dress is Chambray is totally gorgeous. The chic, comfortable and effortless feel of the fabric makes it a must-have in every girl’s closet. The collars and sleeves along with the pockets have special detailing.

Old Navy Chambray Dress

Old Navy Chambray Dress Source

This little chambray dress in sky blue is yet another stylish outfit for the summer. It is ideal for summer as it is light, comfortable and chic. This sexy piece from Old Navy brand is the perfect summer dress and has a totally awesome feel to it. You may also see Blouson Dress Designs

Loft Chambray Dress

Loft Chambray Dress Source

A drop waist dress in sleeveless and is above knee length, yet another cool and comfy outfit of the season. This is sure to amp up the glamour quotient in you while keeping you feeling absolutely light and carefree. Pair it up with a sling bag and sneakers for a cool look.

Toddler Chambray Dress

Toddler Chambray Dress Source

Chambray dresses are not just for grown-ups, but they are here for cute little toddlers. Seen in the picture is a little fashionista looking super chic and stylish in that lovely piece is too adorable! A break from the typical Pink Outfit, the chambray dress is the new pink!

Sleeveless Chambray Dress for Summer

Sleeveless Chambray Dress for Summer Source

To add to the summer feel, this chambray dress is made in sleeveless to give you the carefree vibes of the summer season. What better way to beat the summer blues than in this sleeveless number?

Chambray Button Up Dress

Chambray Button Up Dress Source

Wow. Another cool chambray outfit that is a go-to outfit trend for the spring and summer seasons. We love the denim feels of the dress but a much lighter version! Paired with a hat and red boots, this girl is totally killing it with this Bold Dress.

Cotton Chambray Dress

Cotton Chambray Dress Source

This chambray dress is a mix of cotton and polyester to give you a comfortable feel. It is above knee length, has a belt same as the dress material and has collars. This outfit is ideal for work, casual lunch with the friends or just about a day out for shopping.

Denim Chambray Dress

Denim Chambray Dress Source

Chambray dresses in blue are the ideal Hipster Style Outfits that are sure to bring out the fashionista in you! This denim chambray dress with half sleeves is so cool and summery.

Mens Chambray Dress Shirt

Mens Chambray Dress Shirt Source

This chambray shirt for men in a grayish blue hue is a vintage styled button up shirt. It has a slightly worn out look but that is the ultimate charm of this design. Totally a hipster style design and perfect for casual outings for men.

Gorgeous Chambray Dress Design

Gorgeous Chambray Dress Design Source

This gorgeous chambray dress design has a darker blue shade and is longer than the knee length. It is simple and classy and can be carried off with ease by all girls, irrespective of their size or body types. You may also see Blue Outfit Ideas

Fashionable Chambray Outfit

Fashionable Chambray Outfit Source

Chambray Shoulder Dress Design

Chambray Shoulder Dress Design Source

Blue Color Chambray Dress

Blue Color Chambray Dress Source

Cute Chambray Dress for Women

Cute Chambray Dress for Women Source

Trendy Chambray Outfit Idea

Trendy Chambray Outfit Idea Source

Light Blue Chambray Outfit

Light Blue Chambray Outfit Source

Cool Old Navy Chambray Outfit

Cool Old Navy Chambray Outfit Source

Stylish Chambray Dress Idea

Stylish Chambray Dress Idea Source

Retro Style Chambray Dress

Retro Style Chambray Dress Source

Pom Pom Chambray Dress

Pom Pom Chambray Dress Source

Unique Chambray Outfit

Unique Chambray Outfit Source

Chambray dresses are your must have summer companions to keep you away from the summer blues. They are simple, airy, comfortable and light and reflect a true hipster style. You can pair this up with absolutely anything and guess what – it’s still gonna look stylish! From sleeveless to Long Sleeve Dresses, you will find amazing variety in these dresses.

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