Drag is all about beauty, achieved through an art form of an eye makeup at the first place. Although someone considers it explicit, we see it more as special and extraordinary. Many people have a presumption about consuming this makeup design, but they don’t know that drag is not a way of life. Drag is an art form. True, it’s very specific. There are people out there who earn a living from a drag or as some people call it a female impersonation. Others do it just for fun.

Simple Drag Queen Makeup

simple drag queen makeup


Some performers just try to impersonate a female, others try to look like a famous movie star. Whatever drags them into this artistic world, you can be assured they are doing their best to look immaculate

This is one of the best displays of fantasy story, as this performer is really looking astonishing. It reminds us of a story about “Alice in the Wonderland”. My dear, look at this artistic work and how it blurs the line between transgender and drag queen. You may also see Tribal Makeup Designs

Drag Queen Eye Makeup

drag queen eye makeup


If you are looking for a something new, look at this facial mask. It appears like it is in 3D. A very detailed work done at an eyelashes area. A makeup has always been crucial, giving magical tones for drag queens. This is an image that appeals to every heart of the folks who understand the way. Go to a Chola Makeup, now.

What a stunning photo it is! It depicts incredible male vs. female look as if it intends to say there are a male and female sides in all of us, interlaced together. It is a fantastic representation of female fragility and innocence, against male roughness and muscular appearance. Some drag queens never shave their beard, as this is their personal expression to present themselves to the world. This man took the best from the both worlds.

Drag Queen Clown Makeup

drag queen clown makeup


There is no other option, then to look at this cute photo with a big dose of sympathy. It represents innocence and goodness in a very attractive look. Make sure you use the right lipstick if you want to enhance your mouth like this.

Glitter Drag Queen Makeup Design

glitter drag queen makeup design


Fantastic work! The whole design is very well presented and rounded. We like the way the eyebrows glitter. It takes courage to shave your natural eyebrows and make glitter design like this.

You must admit this is a very original idea. Black and white, good and evil, all represented on one face. An artistic expression is very accurate if we may say so, thanks to a contouring of the steady hands. An addition of anything else will spoil the art, so keep it balanced.

Halloween Drag Queen Makeup

halloween drag queen makeup


You will need a wig and horns in order to make this kind of a specific design. The black colour is very well balanced against the white skin as a background. Zombie Makeup will take your breath away.

Dramatic Drag Queen Makeup

dramatic drag queen makeup


We must say, not bad at all. This is a great impersonation of famous singing star Christina Aguilera. This is a very well transformed appearance, and it has everything: hair, makeup, and perfect outfit. When we speak about the hair, you will have to use the hair spray in order to get this kind of a volume.

Goth Drag Queen Makeup

goth drag queen makeup


Do you see Sher here? We surely do. Sher is one of the most talented celebrities out there and she initiated true transformation long time ago. This guy is on the right track of becoming an icon of bold transformation with a statement about self-confidence. You may also see Harlequin Makeup Designs

Awesome Drag Queen Makeup

awesome drag queen makeup


Drag Queen Eye and Lips Makeover

drag queen eye and lips makeover


Creative Drag Queen Makeup

creative drag queen makeup


Pink Drag Queen Makeover

pink drag queen makeover


Cool Drag Queen Eye Makeup

cool drag queen eye makeup


Unique Drag Queen Makeup

unique drag queen makeup


Purple Drag Queen Makeup

purple drag queen makeup


Drag Queen Hair Makeover

drag queen hair makeover


Beautiful Drag Queen Makeup

beautiful drag queen makeup


Drag queens have the in-depth back story that ordinary people don’t know and can’t understand either. This is where makeup comes at the spot. This kind of an art is very old. In ancient times, women were not allowed to act in the theater, so males used to pretend as female for acting purposes. We can see evidence of this Drag queen makeup trend in old Greeks or even in Japan in their kabuki theater,  with facial masks that represent certain feelings, individuals, genders, and expressions, aligning this design with makeup.

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