What is the best part about makeup? When you have make up on, you look beautiful, feel beautiful and most importantly you feel confident about yourself. It enhances your confidence and enhances your beauty if used correctly. We are here to help you and guide you to use make up correctly. What is Chola makeup? Well we all do our eyes and lips but did you ever know that doing your eyes and lips is exactly what Chola makeup is all about. Here are the top 10 people we think nailed it with Chola makeup.

Selena Gomez Chola Look

selena gomez chola look

Well we have to agree that Selena Gomez looks absolutely stunning with this look. Her red lipstick and bronze eye shadow gives her the retro yet modern look.

Gwen Stefani Retro Chola Makeover

gwen stefani retro chola makeover

Gwen Stefani has kept it simple and elegant. Red lipstick Designs and black eyeliner is simple but still make her look absolutely stunning. We love the way she carries herself out.

Iggy Azalea Stylish Chola Look

iggy azalea stylish chola look

Ladies, red lipstick has and will always be in. Have a special event? Well don’t forget to pick up that perfect red that blends in with your skin just like Iggy Azalea’s. Her style and with the confidence she carries herself off just speaks for itself. We absolutely love her glowing look.

Halloween makeup is very crucial; you have to look pretty but a little scary also. For all those who want to draw eyebrows, this is the perfect example. It’s thick and drawn to perfection. Oh, and yes of course the red lipstick is a must. A lady in red always gets her way.

Chola Eye Makeup

chola eye makeup


Winged eyeliner is what most people prefer these days. It brings out the beauty of your eye and makes it stand out. For it to stand out even more, your mascara is a must. Making your eyelids long and beautiful. The three dots at the edge of your eyes gives a tradition desi look as what they call it.

While the world is saying no to gray hair, this girl is killing it with her gray hair coloured look. The beautifully set and coloured hair breaks all norms that having gray hair is bad. The clown make up is well done with the perfect combination and a very subtle over layer.

Cool Chola Makeup for Fair Skin

cool chola makeup for fair skin


This uber cool dressing sense will catch anyone’s attention. Everyone will only have the word ‘Woah’ coming out of his or her mouth. This portrays a sense of strong, confident and yet a stylish woman. The makeup is loud but not over done. It still stands out and does it work of looking good on her.

Some sparkle and glitter and you are all set to go. Well, don’t your forget the red. As mentioned earlier, they are what makes you stand out and calls for all the attention. This makeup is simple yet it looks gorgeous. The glitter is what is making the face stand out and enhancing the eyelids.

No matter what complexion you are off, a dark lipstick would suit anyone and everyone. It is all about carrying it with confidence.

Chola Winged Eye Look

chola winged eye look


Thick and winged eyeliner always makes your eyes stand out and look stunning. They’re a must for anyone who wants to make their eyes prominent. Well, you’ve got to look good to feel god. Right?

Chola Makeup for Green Eyes

chola makeup for green eyes


Modern Chola Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

modern chola eye makeup for brown eyes


Chola Lips and Eye Makeup

chola hair and eye makeup


Chola Funny Makeup

chola funny makeup


Amazing Chola Halloween Makeup

amazing chola halloween makeup


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