Vintage would mean from a different era. Have you ever thought how makeup was done 30-40 years ago? How did people even look and do their makeup? Well, we have lined up ten people for you to show you how exactly make up was done earlier and these beautiful people have tried on these looks for their special day. We must say before hand that they all look absolutely beautiful.

kim kardashian Vinatge Wedding Look

For all the drama she causes, her wedding look was plain yet elegant. Minimal makeup with a light coloured lipstick and some bronze eye shadow. Her blush is so minimal that it looks like they are her cheeks. Kim K, you’ve nailed the look pretty well.

Taylor Swift Dark Red Lipstick

Taylor swift is our favourite when it comes to subtlety. Her red lipstick stands out but yet calls out for attention. She’s carrying it out perfectly and looks stunning with it.

Adelaide Kane Classy Makeup

Classy and elegant was the only way to describe her makeup and she definitely goes on to our list of the most well done make up of the year. The usage of subtle colours is making her glow. She looks chic and all we can tell you is, this is a must go for look.

Jennifer lopez Retro Wedding Makeover

Jennifer Lopez is known for the gorgeousness and with her retro wedding makeover she’s making every man out there fall in love again. Forget the men, even the women are going gaga over her. Her usage of pastel shades is making it so simple but yet so seemingly beautiful. Her eye shadow is making her eyes stand out and make another person look directly into them. Well-done JLo.

Naomi Watts Vinatge Makeup

People definitely didn’t believe in heavy makeup in the previous era and Naomi Watts has managed to carry that out perfectly. With her red lipstick and subtle make up, she looks elegant and stunning.

Catherine Middleton Vinatge Wedding Outfit

While we were busy worrying about what the make up looked like earlier, Catherine Middleton showed us what a gorgeous dress looked like.

Vintage Wedding Hair and Makeup


The hair from the vintage has got to be the best. The bun with curls and a flower to top it gives you a chic and retro feel. This grabs all attention.

The retro bridal look will give you the 90’s feel. It has a retro and a traditional look, which will make you stand out and make you look like the prettiest bride.

Vintage Makeup Looks for Wedding


This vintage wedding dress is plain but elegant. The lace on it makes it stand out and gives it the traditional look. This gorgeous dress definitely is on our hit list.

Makeup like I said is the critical part of any wedding. You have to get the perfect look on your special day. The 1920’s make up makes you look glamorous and perfect for your D-Day.

Retro Eye and lip Makeup


Vintage Wedding Princess Makeup


Classic Retro Wedding Makeover


Glamorous Vintage Wedding Makeup


Gorgeous Bride Makeup


Awesome Vintage Makeup


These are our favourites and we think you will like them too. Vintage has always been and will always be a hit and you must definitely try for a wedding you are going to or maybe at your own wedding.

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