Today, we have brought you a very special collection of 10 makeup looks inspired by our much adored animated movie which taught us the real meaning of ‘Love does not die with death’, The Corpse Bride. Released in 2005, it has inspired uncountable numbers of Halloween costumes, wedding decorations, party themes and what not. Wondering why do you need this? We will give you not one but 10 reasons and occasions where you can totally fill life in every room you walk in with this Dead-bride-Emily look.

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Alana Dawn Corpse Bride Makeup

alana dawn corpse bride makeup

This celebrity makeup artist is someone who is followed by all the makeup lovers. She does tutorials from daily routines to scary zombies and is too sassy to handle.Next time when you throw a slumber party and have nothing to do maybe you can try painting one of your girl’s face blue along with this gorgeous pink lipstick.

Christina Aguilera Halloween Bride Makeup

christina aguilera halloween bride makeup

Just when you think Christina has surprised you enough BAM! She walks the Halloween nights with her then husband Jordan Bratman. The best element of her look is that bubble gum colored wig.

Dead Ghost Bride Makeup Idea

dead ghost bride makeup idea


This is the perfect balance between blue and pink. This kind of exaggerated look can help you get those luscious lips without having to bother that people will question the makeup photoshop.

This look is so simple yet impactful. No one will remember your face inside this makeup mask and you will be the flawless Zombie for them for a really long time. Isn’t the different lens on each eye just the most genius hack you have ever seen?

Cute Makeover of Corpse Bride

cute makeover of corpse bride


Smurfette from smurfs is still our all time favorite female animated character. This look totally reminds us of her. If you want to remind everyone of that time but she is too girly for you, you can definitely try this version of her. And damn those eyebrows. You may also See Zombie Makeup 

Evil Bride Makeup With Floral Crown

evil bride makeup with floral crown


Want to show up to a party alone and give the vibe of being the coolest? Try this I-could-not-care-less Zombie Bride makeup for any Halloween or themed party and make sure to grab those blue hair crayons for extra effect.

Zombie Makeup Design

zombie makeup design


All you need for this look are few red lipsticks and black eye shadows(preferred form is cream based). The red or any other bright lenses would add greater depth to the look. Make sure to contour your lips for the look too.

Corpse Bride Makeover With Flowers

corpse bride makeover with flowers


This dope look has to be tried by anyone who has ever enjoyed Snapchat or Makeup. That basically sums up every soul on mother Earth. Please keep the products matte and avoid Highlighter for that perfect picture.

This look is the perfect solution to your problem where no one gets what going inside you. Just show them if they don’t. This inside out face parts idea has to be the best ever.

Easy Corpse Bride Makeup

easy corpse bride makeup


Corpse Makeup with Flower Crown

corpse makeup with flower crown


Halloween Corpse Bride Face Makeup

halloween corpse bride face makeup


Amazing Halloween Makeup with Florals

amzing halloween makeup with florals


Weddings are not the traditional fiesta like old times anymore where everyone followed the draft. Today, we enjoy real-size cakes, weird destinations, rainbow hair and colorful dresses for brides and a trend which has been taken over is Corpse Bride Makeup. What does a bride not do to make everyone remember her wedding for days and make sure that her groom doesn’t for a split second bat his eye during the entire ceremony and keep staring at her.

Check out the real life Birmingham couple who got so inspired by the movie that they literally had a Corpse themed wedding in a scary church where the bride wore the similar dress as Emily, electrical chair, gothic cake and much more. You may also See Fantasy Eye Makeup

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