With Halloween just a few months away, the right makeup is a must to look your best during trick or treating or even the crazy Halloween parties that are going to happen. With so many scary movies coming out, we have a lot of inspiration to look at and design our faces. Well apart from that we also found these 10 perfectly scary makeup designs that will scare you, haunt you and not let you sleep but it will amuse you for sure. Take this ride into the haunted house with us.

Insidious Red Demon Makeup

Insidious Red Demon Makeup Source

Doll up with the insidious red demon makeup. The evil look will scare people away and red gives it an extra demon effect. The blue is a perfect blend and made to look very realistic. This is a look you could try if you want to look unrecognizable.

Demon Halloween Makeup

Demon Halloween Makeup Source

This corpse makeup looks spooky because of the scars that have been drawn out finely. The red eyeshadow gives it an eerie look and the black lipstick is just an extra effect to the spooky angle.

Annabelle Demon Makeup

Annabelle Demon Makeup Source

Well, the movie did freak us out but I guess this makeup design just scared us more. It is made to look very realistic. The makeup is done perfectly and each part of is scary and spooky. This is the perfect replica of Annabelle.

Crudelia Demon Makeover

Crudelia Demon Makeover Source

This makeup will require a lot of patience. Paint your face in red and then the actual work starts. Start with the eyes because most of your intensity will come from there. Make it look as realistic as this one. If you are planning to scare someone with a sexy look, this will be apt for you.

Creepy Demon Makeup

Creepy Demon Makeup Source

Well if you watched conjuring 2 and freaked out, it is time to let others feel the same. This time, you can be dressed exactly like the demon. This requires patience, help, and some intense work. Make sure you have the perfect lens to add to the freaky look.

Candy Demon Makeover Idea

Candy Demon Makeover Idea Source

This makeup gives out a candy touch to the overall look. It looks completely eccentric and out of the box.

Demon Clown Makeup

Demon Clown Makeup Source

We loved how joker looked in batman, especially the smile. This demon look with a fusion of clown makeup added to it, makes it look different and it is a mix of scary and crazy. This won’t require as much as effort as the others.

Demon Costume Makeover Idea

Demon Costume Makeover Idea Source

A lot of eye shadow around the eye, which has to be done in black and the perfect red lipstick, is what will make you look like the perfect demon. This is perfect for a party because people are going to keep looking at you or should we say get freaked out by you.

Scary Demon Doll Makeup

Scary Demon Doll Makeup Source

This is a very easy makeup idea and looks very simple also. If you don’t want too much makeup and like to keep it minimal then this is perfect for you. Just make sure you draw the dots across neatly.

Devil Demon Makeup

Devil Demon Makeup Source

Add a touch of purple and the perfect lipstick, your simple yet scary makeup is ready for Halloween. Give it some extra effect by putting the purple add on. You may also See Harlequin Makeup

Cartoon Demon Makeup

Cartoon Demon Makeup Source

Halloween Scary Makeup

Halloween Scary Makeup Source

Creative Demon Makeup Idea

Creative Demon Makeup Idea Source

Scary Ghost Demon Makeup

Scary Ghost Demon Makeup Source

Easy Demon Makeup Idea

Easy Demon Makeup Idea Source

Terrifying Demon Makeup

Terrifying Demon Makeup Source

Demon Creepy Face Makeup

Demon Creepy Face Makeup Source

Dragon Demon Makeup Idea

Dragon Demon Makeup Idea Source

Scary Harlequin Girl Makeup

Scary Harlequin Girl Makeup Source

Most Scary Demon Dragon Makeup

Most Scary Demon Dragon Makeup Source

Side Parted Demon Makeup

Side Parted Demon Makeup Source

These zombies make up ideas will make you look scary and will definitely win you the best dressed this Halloween. Each of this is an adaption from very famous scary movies, so choose your look aptly and go completely set this Halloween.

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