Say hello to Halloween parties with this bat makeup designs. You can use paint and other makeup elements to create bat motifs on the visage. You could try a bat-like eyeliner or any other motif for the cheek bone or the lipstick. For that trendy look for this year’s Oktoberfest get dramatic and go for this Costumes and creative cat makeup! Check out our tips and ideas to perfect that bat like makeup.

Halloween Bat Makeup

halloween bat makeup


Think of colorful and textured contact lenses, ghost white spider web makeup and darker shades of eye shadow and lipstick. Every feature on the face has to look distinct with these makeup elements. The bat motif is painted on the forehead with white lines of spider webs painted.

Bat costume Makeup

bat costume makeup


Wear the bat wings costume and shade features of your face in a bat-like makeup. Some color on the eye, cheekbones and the rest of the face does the trick. You could try this minimalistic makeup style that depicts the Halloween energy.

Bat Wing Eye Makeup Design

bat wing eye makeup design


Go for the minimalist makeup using the bat motifs for the eye liner designs and wear a black lipstick. This gothic look is good to go for women of any age who wants to dress up for Halloween.

A beautiful masquerade style makeup for the eyes with some stones glued onto the face. Wear this masquerade, and let the red lipstick drip down a bit to create a stylish Halloween look in bat costume style.

You have to completely change the way your face looks with the zombie makeup style. You could almost look like a creature from the other world in this style of makeup. Remember Halloween is more about paying respect to the departed than telling ghost stories.

Bat Witch Makeup

bat witch makeup


Get more creative with this bat witch makeup. Paint the lips creatively in the semi-shape of a bat wing. Throw in some black onto the eye lids with textured grunge style painted onto them. This is an abstract makeup style of the bat makeup that younger women can try during Halloween.

Bat Makeup for Kids

bat makeup for kids


Paint the eyelids with electric blue eye shadow, a darker shade of black eye liner and motifs of flying bats on the sides of the eyes, just below the temples of the forehead. This is one of the most elegant Halloween makeup styles to adopt if you are not up to the typical drama of this day.

Paint the entire area of the eye and the cheek bone below the eye with the batman style make up in black color that looks like it has been painted with color pencils. This is an artistic style of bat makeup to try for the casual style that is not bingeing on the drama.

Tattooed or painted flying bats on the face, shoulder, and a demon tattoo on the arm is the perfect stage to welcome the Halloween fest. Try only the paint if you do not want such negative intonation onto the body art.

If you are looking for something more teeny and gory, for Halloween, try this zombie mask with all the elements of the ghost thrown in. Most of the zombie style is out of fashion even for this festival, as more people are settling in for elegant style, compared to zombie style of makeup.

Demon Bat Makeup

demon bat makeup


Fairy Bat Makeup Idea

fairy bat makeup idea


Simple Bat Makeup Idea

simple bat makeup idea


Comic Bat Makeover Look

comic bat makover look


Yellow and Black Bat Eye Makeover

yellow and black bat eye makeover


Batman Theme Costume look

batman theme costume look


Bat Face Mask Idea

bat face mask idea


The most dramatic day of the year, Halloween, is much awaited, especially, teens, because they get to display their creative side in Goth through makeup and costume. Goth is fast catching up. Goth it’s been in vogue for sometime now and appeal to a niche crowd.

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