With 3 days to go, it is time to get set going. Oh! Wait, did we hear that you are still not ready with your Halloween costume. Well, not to worry, as this post is specifically geared towards turning that Halloween frown upside down with these easy DIY costumes that you can put together successfully in the very last minute.

1. Sandy From Grease Costume

All you need to perfect the costume is tight black pants, preferably leather and a tight black top. Complement the two core pieces with tightly curled locks and bright red lipstick. Show off your curves with ease and style in the costume which takes hardly 10 minutes to prepare.

2. Snapchat Filters Costume

If you are looking to step up your game with something easy this Halloween, switch the costume from Whatsapp emojis to snapchat filters. Whether it is licking dog or flower hippie crown, just cut out your favourite filters and you will be all set to share your love with the peers.

3. Pikachu Costume

More than loved, Pokemon Go was a revolutionary phase that took the people to the streets (we couldn’t be any more literal and metaphorical at the same time). Pikachu is one character that you can easily be this Halloween. Take a long-sleeved yellow T-shirt and match it with yellow pants. Use the duct tape to draw the horizontal stripes and put the red dots on your cheeks with the paint. If you are a pro DIYer, you can either make the headband ears and tails or purchase it from the local store.

4. Twin Emoji Costume

Cute and extremely simple, the twin Whatsapp emoji costume is easy to prepare. With black flats, leotard and bunny ears all you would need is your bestie to rock the costume. The costume will look equally good on children and adults.

5. Beyoncé from Lemonade Costume

One of the most memorable pop culture moments of the year, Beyoncé in that bright yellow colour dress holding a bat in Lemonade sure did cast a spell on everyone. For the Beyoncé costume, put on a yellow dress and get yourself a bat to have the same effect on the party.

6. Troll Doll DIY Costume

Troll doll is one costume which rocks solo as well as a group. All you need is a nude coloured leotard and brightly coloured tutu and hairspray. For achieving that perfect trollish frizz, tease your hair and put it in a bun before spray painting it.

6. Miley Cyrus

Well, the easy way to copy Miley’s style is to stick out your tongue the whole night and look down. Add a leotard and two mini buns to top off the complete style. You can also bring a foam hand to give that extra edge to the costume.

7. Orange is the New Black Inmate Costume

The best part about the cast of Orange is the New Black is that it covers every race. Pick an orange or tan v-neck top with matching pants and pair the look with work boots and you will be an ideal inmate of Litchfield.

8. Stick Figure Costume

Hilarious in its visual, the stick figure costume is easy to create. Paste or stick black tape to an all white outfit to create the stick figure. Create the face by drawing on a white or black poster board.

9. Regina George Mean Girls Costume

This costume takes its inspiration from our favourite mean girl, Regina George. Very straightforward to create, all you need is a white tank top and a purple brassiere. Layer your tank over the purple bra and cut two holes over the breasts.

Pick your favourite costume and decide with ease who you want to be this weekend.

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