During the Halloween night, you may be able to find children trick or treating here, costume parties there, and other kinds of events that are mostly horror-themed. People really enjoy getting scared during Halloween, that it makes it almost excusable to scare people and run away with it without getting punched in the face.

If you are planning on hosting a Halloween party to be attended by your family, friends, or simply the general public, you may always need to publicize your event to be able to gather the number of attendees. You may be able to do it online, by using posters, or by using flyers. Below are some of the best Halloween party flyer designs that we have gathered from the internet. Check them out below.

Zombie Invasion Halloween Flyer

zombie invasion halloween flyer

Halloween Party Invitation Flyer

free premium halloween party invitation flyer

Halloween Terror Night Flyer

free halloween terror night flyer

Halloween Horror Night Flyer

free halloween horror night flyer

Halloween DJ Party Flyer

free halloween dj party flyer

Editable Halloween Party Flyer

free editable halloween party flyer

Halloween Skull Flyer Template

free halloween skull flyer template

Skull Mist Halloween Event Flyer Design


To get us on the roll, here is a DJ party flyer design that can be used for spreading the word about a Halloween party. The design on the flyer shows us various details that are Halloween-themed, such as gravestones, Jack-o’-lanterns, bats, and a mist in the middle that resembles a skull. You may be able to use this flyer design on both intimate and public Halloween events, simply edit the contents of this design to fit the details of your event. For those using this as a flyer for a private event, after finalizing your flyer design, you will simply need to send this to the people you want to come to your event, the same thing you do with Halloween party invitations.

Scary Woman Halloween Flyer Design

scary woman halloween flyer design

Halloween is known for being the night of thrill and scares, which makes this party flyer design appropriate for the occasion. On the upper portion of this design, you can see an image of a peeking ghost girl which adds to its spine-tingling effect. Below that image is simply texts that indicate the details of the event invitation designs, and the typeface used for this text are custom-made and are also appropriate for the event. Though included in the mockup above, the ghost girl is actually not included, and you will have to take your own picture or download a stock photo of it from the internet.

Black Coffin Halloween Party Flyer Design


Nothing much can be said about this Halloween party flyer design other than everything from its elements to its color scheme fit perfectly with the Halloween season. Just like most of the PSD flyer designs on this page, this one is fully customizable. Simply change the details written on the bottom portion of this flyer design to match that of your event. And if ever you choose to go for a different color scheme, you may do so without any hassle.

Skull Bats Spider Halloween Night Flyer Design


According to professional graphic artists, one strategy in designing an effective, eye-catching, and unique logo is to make it have a double entendre effect, meaning the entire design contains multiple meanings. For the flyer design shown above, the meaning of the entire design differs when the elements are taken individually and when the elements are seen as an ensemble. For example, when the elements are seen as separate features, you can see a spider in the middle surrounded by bats, but if seen as a whole entity, you can see an image that resembles a skull. Take your creativity to the next level with this visually stunning flyer design.

Minimalist Creepy Eye Halloween Flyer Design


Here is a minimalist design for a Halloween party flyer which is perfect the way it is and requires no other editing aside from its text. Of course, you may need to change the schedule written on the design to the actual date of the event that you are hosting, you wouldn’t want to mislead your attendees, would you? The way the eye is illustrated, wherein the entire sclera is covered in black, is already enough to send shivers down your spine, and the added black tears makes the design even more creepier. From the looks of this design, nobody would dare ask whose eye this is and what happened to it. But one thing’s for sure, this club party flyer design will definitely catch people’s attention, no doubt about it.

Hand-Drawn Halloween Flyer Design


If you are thinking of a flyer design that is both cute with a bit of scariness added into it, then the one on top may be a good choice. From the looks of this Halloween flyer design, it appears to have been hand-drawn as well as hand-colored, and it also appears to have been made to be used for children’s parties. But it doesn’t mean that just because this awesome flyer design looks adorable, it can no longer be used for Halloween parties for grown-ups, because it can, and that’s the beauty of it.

Skull Gentleman Halloween Costume Party Flyer


Haunted House Halloween Flyer Design


Scare people out with this awesomely scary Halloween invitation flyer design that looks like a poster for a horror movie. This Halloween flyer design shows a grim reaper with his sickle, in front of a seemingly haunted house that reminds me of the infamous Amityville house in Long Island, where the gruesome murders of the DeFeo family members took place. But enough about that, this flyer design will easily catch the attention from people because of its creepiness, and much more if they will be able to get the references that we previously mentioned, just make sure to write the details of the party clearly as to not mislead the reader into thinking that this is a horror movie flyer.

Spooky Night Pumpkin Halloween Flyer Design


We have all seen and grown-up seeing the usual orange-colored Jack-o’-lantern being used as actual decorations or as a theme on both printable and digital media during Halloween, but have we ever seen a black Jack-o’-lantern? I guess not, and that’s what makes this Halloween flyer design unique, because it features a Jack-o’-lantern that has been charred, leaving only its eyes and mouth still orange (and glowing).  When a reader looks at this Halloween flyer design, it will seem like burned up Jack is looking straight into the reader’s eyes, wanting to really invite them to come to the spooky party on Halloween night.

Evil Skull Pile Halloween Night Party Flyer


Speaking about looking into the reader’s eyes, here is another visually stunning yet scary flyer design that features skulls, and lots of them. On the bottom-most part of the pile, you can see a row of three skull with their eyes glowing (and possibly steaming), that appears like they are looking not only at the reader’s eyes, but actually digging straight into the reader’s soul, and that is just scary enough to think. But then, this is just a Halloween party flyer, and a very artistic one, which is why we thought of putting this design on this list, so you would consider using it for your event.

Vintage Haunted House Halloween Party Flyer Design


Lanterns Flat Halloween Flyer Design


Scary Clown Skull Halloween Flyer Design


Now, what could be scarier than a skull clown over a pile of even more skulls? I guess there aren’t any. And if you are scared of clowns, how much more if that clown is already lacking its flesh? The design above flawlessly combines the theme from scary skulls to a scary clown, which makes the entirety of the design enough to keep you up all night. Though this is only a flyer design, it effectively captures the essence of Halloween, which is why we highly recommend that you download this one.

Minimalist Vintage Halloween Party Flyer Design


Here is a very minimalist approach when it comes to a holiday flyer design, wherein the elements are all silhouettes to give them a flat and simple appearance. The primary elements on this design is a silhouette of a Jack-o’-lantern in the middle area, which is surrounded by bats and cobwebs. Taking advantage of the flat design of the Jack-o’-lantern, some of the text are written inside it using the element’s negative space, though the rest of the text that indicates the details are written separately at the bottom portion.

Double Exposure Blood Splatter Halloween Flyer Design

double exposure blood splatter halloween flyer design

Zombie Halloween Night Flyer Design

zombie halloween night flyer design

Zombies. Another recurring theme when it comes to Halloween are these former human beings that have reanimated in body, but not in soul. With famous zombie flicks that include George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, Zombieland, and World War Z; television shows such as The Walking Dead and Z Nation; and also video games that include Left 4 Dead and Resident Evil. The flyer invitation design above shows a hand of a zombie that have just awoken and is trying to get out from its grave to join the others who can be seen walking around in the background.

These flyer designs have been gathered from all around the internet, from among piles of the best designs, and from various reliable websites. These Halloween flyer designs have also been created by highly talented and imaginative graphic artists from all over the world. You are assured of very high quality and artistic flyer designs if you download from this collection.

Downloading them can be done easily and for a very reasonable fee. To make it even more convenient on your behalf, these designs can be edited easily since they are in vector format, and they are able to retain their sharpness as well, which means you won’t have to worry when editing them. So now, it’s time to keep your hands busy and start making your own Halloween-themed event flyers.

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