It’s that time of the year when you let your inner makeup artist freak out and go all edgy for the Halloween party. Apart from the costume, which we’re sure by now you must have arranged, it is the make-up that plays an essential part. Obviously your halloween look cannot be accomplished. So it is important that like your costume, you also get sorted with your make-up. So here we are, listing for you, make-up products that you’ll be needing for the Halloween.

8. NYX Eye Pencil

nyx eye pencil

You are definitely going to need a white eye pencil for your Halloween makeup. There are many brands that have white eye pencil but not all will stay as long as this one. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil comes with a super creamy formula that helps to make the transformation much easy. It is long lasting so you don’t have to worry about carrying it for the in-between touch-ups.

7. NYC Manic Panic Hair Color

nyc manic panic hair color

You can’t go on with your regular hair color for Halloween. And no other brand has better colors that NYC, considering that we are talking about Halloween here. From cotton candy pink to puke green you will find all kinds of weird hair colors. If you are looking for a one night affair with a creepy hair color you can always go for their Dye Hard styling gel that does the magic only for a night.

6. Serum No. 5

serum no

For those uncanny nails, look no further. There is no other brand that will provide you with the variety of futuristic nail colors like this one. From neon colors to glow in the dark, they have everything and anything you can possibly think in terms of nail polish. You can also get nail accessories to compliment your look and you nail polish.

5. Shea Moisture Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

shea moisture extra virgin coconut oil

Why Coconut oil? There is nothing better for your skin than coconut oil when it comes to removing makeup, especially when it can be as harsh as grease-based paints. After the party comes the post-party torture where you have to get rid of all the make-up. The extra virgin coconut oil by Shea Moisture will make you task much easy. Take in good quantity and apply all over you face. With the help of a soft tissue start removing the oil and the makeup will easily come off. Wash the face to get rid off the makeup completely.

4. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Glitter

obsessive compulsive cosmetics glitter

There are chances that you’ll need some shimmer and glitter to complete your Halloween look. If that is the case, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics popularly known as OCC have the best glitter collection available. From Amber to Aqua to Olive Gold they have highly pigmented metallic glitters for face and body.

3. Bite Beauty Lipstick

bite beauty lipstick

There are lipstick that you really want to try but can be too bold or odd for most of the occasions. Like the Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick that comes in deep hunter green color with black. Halloween is the perfect excuse to try this color out. The lipstick is intensely pigment and has a soft and high quality texture. You are going to love it.

2. Smashbox Primer

smashbox primer

Primer is from where you start with the makeup and like they say, well begun is half done. To get the basic right, we suggest you use the Smashbox photo finish foundation primer. This is one of their first products and remains the most selling product till date. It provides a smooth finish to your skin that helps you with your makeup further.

1. MAC Eyelashes

mac eyelashes

MAC has always had a great variety of makeup and is one of the most trusted and popular makeup brands. But the one product that we are going to recommend you for the Halloween is their amazing eyelashes. Not just the regular everyday eyelashes but halloween eyelashes. Yes they have a selection of eyelashes like spidery lashes or catwoman lashes completely appropriate for Halloween.

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