Mime is an art where the artists don’t use words. They showcase an emotion through gestures, movements, and facial expressions. One of the greatest examples of a Mime artist would be Charlie Chaplin.We have always been fond of Mime artists and hence we decided to look for Mime Makeup.

We went through the internet to find some crazy designs and this just made us want to try it out once at least. We think, the character, of course, plays an important role but the makeup is a crucial element too.Here are 20 designs which we think you could try, especially since Halloween is just a few months away.

Nicole Kidman Mime Makeup

nicole kidman mime makeup

Nicole Kidman has taken the Mime look to another level. In this image, her radiating smile and the blue exotic lenses makes the makeup look eccentric. She has done a very basic mime makeup but has carried it out beautifully.

Olsen Twins Mime Makeup Design

olsen twins mime makeup design

The Olsen Twins strike again with this wonderful mime makeup. What sets this apart from any other usual mime makeup is the red lipstick. We think it looks striking. To add to it, the green lens used gives it an overall perfect look.

Terry O’Quinn Halloween Makeup Idea

terry oquinn halloween makeup idea

With Halloween around the corner, Terry O’Quinn has given you a perfect look of how you could dress for some trick and treat. He has nailed it by dressing exactly like a mime artist. We love how original this is kept.

Christina Ricci with Cute Mime Makeup

christina ricci with cute mime makeup

If you are looking for a cute and adorable look, this has got to be the one. Christina Ricci looks delightful with this mime makeup. The heart adds the adorable touch to the entire makeup. The light red lipstick is stunning but at the same time, we love how it is not too dark. The eye makeup is on point. We love the overall look.

Spree Wilson Halloween Mime Makeover

spree wilson halloween mime makeover

We love this, again because of its simplicity and originality. Everything is done as per the authentic mime makeup style, with no extra on board makeup. We love how perfectly the eye makeup is done. This Halloween, you have something to look forward to.

Halloween is about looking scary but mime artists are known to be friendly so how about we make it stand out a bit by adding a little extra flavor to the mime makeup. Like in the image, do your eyes to perfection. Make it darker and brighter and stand out. Don’t forget to add that touch of the extra red lipstick.

Traditional Mime Makeup Design

traditional mime makeup design


This is how mime artists used to dress up back in the days. This is known as the traditional form. This has minimal makeup and is kept very simple. We love simplicity at times too and would suggest to the all the men who don’t want to get involved with too much makeup on their face.

Look frightening this Halloween with this perfect scary look. This might take a lot of your time but it’s Halloween and you could spare some time to stand out among a bunch of scary people. We must say that there is a lot of thought and time put into this one and it looks splendid.

This is some basic makeup done but it still looks classy. The wine colored lipstick used makes it look almost black but adds zest to the mime makeup. We love the simplicity.

Happy Mime Makeup Design

happy mime makeup design


This picture gives us a very happy vibe and we are sure it will give out a positive vibe when you wear it. It’s done so neatly and nicely, kept to the point and brings out the character. We love the overall look.

Simple Halloween Makeup

simple halloween makeup


Funky Mime Makeup for Men

funky mime makeup for men


Cool Halloween Makeup

cool halloween makeup


Crazy Mime Makeover Idea

crazy mime makeover idea


Fancy Mime Makeup Design

fancy mime makeup design


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