Have you watched the movie, Frozen? We have watched it at least 10 times and still can’t seem to get enough of it. Elsa and Anna touched our hearts with their love and Elsa’s constant effort to find true love. We loved it so much that we went ahead to look for makeup designs so we could get at least a little close to what Elsa and Anna looked like in the movie. You may also See Snow White Makeup

Frozen Eye Makeup

Frozen Anna Eye Makeup Source

The eye shadow in purple and pink gives the Disney look and feel. And Anna the ice-princess looked perfect in these colors. The lipstick was on point with the pinkish purple look. The matte makes it look nice.

Frozen Snowy Makeup Idea

Snowy Makeup Idea Source

This Halloween, go dressed as more than simple. The blue look like that of Anna’s will make you look like the perfect princess.

Frozen Elsa Eye Makeup

Frozen elsa eye Makeup Source

This makeup design is like you have stepped out of a fairytale book. The purplish blue look is just like how Anna wears her makeup in the movie. The pink lipstick compliments the entire look and overall you will look dazzling just like in the movie.

Frozen Anna Makeup

Frozen anna Makeup Source

This is such a beautifully thought of and well-executed design. Each line and design is done with so much accuracy and perfection. You almost feel like you are stepping into the fairytale world. It is a depiction of being cold by nature. You may also See Mime Makeup Designs

Frozen Snowflake Eye Makeup

Snowflake Eye Makeup Source

This makeup design will need sure amount of patience and artistry. There is a fine detailing done to it and the way the blue color is spread across her face is what makes it very pleasant and delightful to look at. The blue lipstick compliments the overall design and makes it look perfect. The snowflakes on the eye have to be complimented the most.

Frozen Ice Eye Makeup

Ice Eye Makeup Source

Eye makeup is what adds true beauty to the overall makeup. The way the eye shadow is articulated is just fabulous. The black eyeliner and on top of that is the blue eye shadow, different shades of blue that bring out the true essence of a snow princess. The snow gives it a better effect.

Frozen Anna Hair Idea

Frozen Anna Hair Idea Source

This is a much simpler look from what we saw earlier. But here the main focus is on the hair. It is exactly done like Anna’s hair in the movie. This is a plate that needs to be done neatly. You will look chic and elegant with a hairstyle like this.

Frozen Elsa Makeup

Frozen Elsa Makeup Source

This makeup idea is done so perfectly and aptly. The blue shadow makes the eyes look completely nice and the white snow around the eye is what makes it look perfect and visually appealing

Frozen Winter Ice Makeup

Winter Ice Makeup Source

It is similar to what we saw above. The blue makeup is spread across equally giving it a very icy look and the blue lipstick is making the look more eccentric. The ice gives it a realistic look that is why we think this makeup design is out of the world and looks very creative.

Awesome Princess Frozen Makeup

Awesome Princes Frozen Makeup Source

Ice Pirncess Frozen Makeup

Ice Pirnces Frozen Makeup Source

Gorgeous Elsa Frozen Makeup

Gorgeous Elsa Makeup Idea Source

Frozen Winter Makeup for Kid

Cute Winter Makeup for Kid Source

Dazzling Snow with Frozen Makeup

Dazzling Snow with Frozen Makeup Source

Pink Lips Frozen Makeup

Pink Lips Frozen Makeup Source

Here are 10 ways to look like Elsa and Anna. They are beautiful and you are too! So try these looks and make yourself feel special just like in the fairytales. The frozen characters can come to life with your creative makeup skills. You may also See Holiday Makeup

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