We wear face makeup for different reasons and occasions. We can wear it to look good, impress the people around us or just look different. However, when it comes to some occasions like Halloween, people come up with all sorts of face makeup styles in an attempt to mark the day in a unique way.

Zipper face makeup is a popular way of marking Halloween. To give you some insights, we have come up with this collection of some of the best zipper face makeup ideas.

Zipper Face Zombie Makeup

Zipper Face Zombie Makeup Source

Want to wear a real zombie zipper face in style? Then this could be the right makeup idea to reflect on. The zipper face makeup worn by the lady in this image looks so real that it can grab the attention of the viewers with ease.

Unzipped Zipper Face Makeup

Unzipped Zipper Face Makeup Source

If you are looking forward to appear bloody scary this Halloween, then you better try this unzipped zipper face makeup. The scary hair enhances the look even more and can add to the uniqueness of this look that you desire to put on.

Zip Halloween Makeup

Zip Halloween Makeup Source

This zipper face makeup revealing some scary facial section can look quite dreadfully. It is ideal for your Halloween style of makeup. Now, if that is the exact impression that you plan to create on your face, then this makeup is worth trying.

Half Face Zipper Makeup Design

Half Face Zipper Makeup Design Source

The style involves creating a zipper face makeup covering only half of your face. The diagonal pattern that this design gives looks particularly alluring and unique in its own style. You can try the design and be unique!

Scary Face Makeup Idea

Scary Face Makeup Idea Source

This face makeup featuring an unzipped section revealing an underlying scary face can make you look dreadful. Is that the impression you would like to create? Then this idea can work quite well for you.

Creepy Zipper Face Makeup

Creepy Zipper Face Makeup Source

While creepy zipper face makeup can come in various styles, this one looks particularly quite great and inimitable. It can be a suitable way of putting on a creepy zipper in style. The diagonal pattern it creates is quite impressive.

Realistic Halloween Makeup Design

Realistic Halloween Makeup Design Source

If you would like to create an impression of an actual Halloween makeup, then this could be a very perfect way of doing it. With those extensions of what can be regarded as scary horns, this makeup design can be really unique for the occasion.

Cute Colorful Face Makeup

Cute Colorful Face Makeup Source

The beauty of this colorful makeup design can be a great way of attracting attention. The colors blend really well with each other and with the flowery elements used to embellish the hair.

Bloody Zipper Face Makeup

Bloody Zipper Face Makeup Source

This makeup featuring an unzipped part revealing some bloody face section looks really horrific. If you are looking for some idea that can make you to look deadlier, then this zipper face makeup could be worth trying!

Horror Zip Face Makeup

Horror Zip Face Makeup Source

Zipper Face Eye Makeup

Zipper Face Eye Makeup Source

Black Makeup for Women

Black Makeup for Women Source

Crazy Zipper Face Makeup

Crazy Zipper Face Makeup Source

Freaky Makeup Idea for Women

Freaky Makeup Idea for Women Source

Cool Couple Makeup Design

Cool Couple Makeup Design Source

Colorful Zipper Makeup Idea

Colorful Zipper Makeup Idea Source

Awesome Zipper Face Makeover

Awesome Zipper Face Makeover Source

Blue and Yellow Zip Makeup

Blue and Yellow Zip Makeup Source

We hope this amazing collection of zipper face makeup has really inspired you. With these ideas you can easily come up with a design of your own that can make your Halloween day a great fun. You have no reason to continue holding to the same old, mind-numbing styles while there are these great ideas at your disposal.

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