You must have seen various types of jewellery designs like handmade, antique, traditional, ethnic, modern, etc. But here is a new jewellery designing concept in the market. Circuit Board Jewelry is a new idea in the jewellery department. It can be made out of recycled electronic chips or defective chips. But they can be designed in the desired pattern. Statement necklaces can also be designed in the circuit board design, since both of them are trending in the fashion industry.

Recycled Circuit Board Jewelry

recycled circuit board jewelry

Recycling is a basic and important system of the society. Electronic waste can also be recycled like this circuit board. A waste circuit board can be recycled in the jewelry design. You can do this at home also as you want. This is useful economically and also is fashionable.

Printed Circuit Board Jewelry

printed circuit board jewelry

Circuit board jewellery design is trending in the market and can be designed in the way you want. We saw recycled circuit board design, but it can also be printed on the jewellery. So you can get this design printed on the type of jewellery you want.

Handmade Circuit Board Jewelry Design

handmade circuit board jewelry design

Handmade jewellery is a very beautiful concept in the market.  Tropical Jewelry is also handmade most of the time. It looks elegant and can be used for any occasion.

Small Circuit Board Jewelry

small circuit board jewelry

Circuit board design can be engraved on small jewellery like the earrings in the image and small pendants and others. It gives a very simple and a casual look and since it is a small design it is suitable for ladies of all age groups.

Circuit Board Necklace Design

circuit board necklace design

Necklace has always been the choice of every lady. A circuit board design in a necklace is very amazing design. You can wear a circuit board designed necklace on any casual or formal outfit. It will definitely look beautiful.

Circuit Board Jewelry Pendant

circuit board jewelry pendant

Circuit board design in pendent is very simple and casual, but it is trending because many people like to wear this since it gives a beautiful look to the people who wear this. And not only girls but even boys can wear this.

Circuit Board Inclusion Jewelry

circuit board inclusion jewelry

Recycled Circuit Board Heart Necklace

recycled circuit board heart necklace

Computer Keys with Circuit Board Earrings

computer keys with circuit board earrings

Like we saw, the circuit board designed jewellery can be engraved on any type of jewellery. Choker Necklaces is different and cannot be merged with this circuit board design. But this category looks very beautiful and is suitable for all age groups of ladies. Circuit board design is a new concept in the fashion market and is also on high demand.

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