The famous sea glass is made from weathered glass that gets discarded on the beach. The design along with their charming qualities of color, transparency and size, make for unique and exotic pieces like tropical jewelry. There is a wide variety of designs that you can choose from depending on what appeals to you most. Today we are going to talk about glass jewelry designs and hope that we can help you find your own.

Sea Glass Pendant Design

sea glass pendant design

The frosty look of this sea glass makes the necklace look amazing. The simple design of the jewelry adds a minimalist approach that blends with the silver metal and the light blue glass. You may also see Sea Glass Jewelry Designs

Glass Bead Earrings

glass bead earrings

Glass beads can be used in every piece of jewelry. This stunning green and blue pair of earrings have crystal and glass beads with semi-transparent surfaces. The colors make them perfect for every occasion.

Opal Glass Ring Idea

opal glass ring idea

This opal ring is a remarkable vintage piece. The milky blue glass with  red flakes looks like fire sparkles. This is a great idea for a birthday present for your best friend or a family member.

Blown Glass Earrings

blown glass earrings

These blown glass earrings have a startling color combination with blue and silver swirls. The glass gets complemented by the sterling silver hooks making it appropriate for everyday and formal occasions.

Vintage Glass Beaded Necklace

vintage glass beaded necklace

Glass beads come in smaller sizes making it perfect for multi-rowed necklaces like this blue one. You can find it in different colors making for an amazing vintage piece for your accessories collection.

Turquoise Glass Pendant Necklace

turquoise glass pendant necklace

This turquoise colored glass pendant is amazing for both formal and informal occasions. The silver ring that surrounds the glass has a unique design making it ideal for all ages.

Stained Glass Bracelet

stained glass bracelet

Stained glass can create jewelry with multiple colors. This bracelet has multicolored glass beads in geometric patterns creating a modern piece of jewelry. This is suitable for young adults.

Antique Glass Necklace

antique glass necklace

Glass stones can be designed in many different shapes. The transparency of the glass adds an elegant touch to the jewelry making which can make a simple outfit look exceptional. It is ideal for both formal and everyday wear.

Wire Wrapped Glass Pendant

wire wrapped glass pendant

This handmade sea glass has a beautiful woven wire wrapping around the glass’s outline. The contrast of the colors brings an amazing result making this necklace pendant look stunning that will go with any outfit.

Cute Glass Pendant Necklace

cute glass pendant necklace

Butterfly Glass Pendant Design

butterfly glass pendant design

Blue Glass Earrings Idea

blue glass earrings idea

Black Glass Necklace Idea

black glass necklace idea

Pretty Glass Necklace Design

pretty glass necklace design

Heart Shape Glass Pendant

heart shape glass pendant

Red Sea Glass Earrings

red sea glass earrings

Silver Glass Ring Idea

silver glass ring idea

Simple Glass Earrings Idea

simple glass earrings idea

Cool Glass Bracelet Design

cool glass bracelet design

Glass Stud Earrings Idea

glass stud earrings idea

Glass can be used in many projects for creating flawless designs. The same goes for glass jewelry. You can choose the best for you, based on the occasion you want to get it for. The glass creates a beautiful and unique look as many rhodonite Jewelry, with similar colors and transparency levels.

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