Copper may not be as valuable as gold and sterling silver but it is certainly special in its own right. Due to its malleability, the metal can be shaped into a variety of jewelry pieces. Copper jewelry has a long history and its popularity never fades. Geometric jewelry is a popular design of copper jewelry. Paper jewelry and cheeky jewelry are also popular choices. Here are 20 copper jewelry designs that are worth looking at.

Antique Copper Bracelet

antique copper bracelet

This antique copper bracelet includes 6 strong magnets, each having strength of 2000-3000 gauss. The bracelet measures 6 5/8” long and 5/8” wide. This antique piece of jewelry has a smooth, polished finish. Visit the link to learn more.

Copper Enamel Jewelry

copper enamel jewelry

This copper enamel jewelry is a pair of 1-inch round, pierced earrings. This beautiful pair of earrings has a vintage look and makes for a great gift for yourself or your loved one. Click the link to buy the earrings.

Copper Gemstone Jewelry

copper gemstone jewelry

This copper gemstone jewelry features a copper turquoise peridot gemstone. This handmade accessory has a stylish and elegant look and uses 925 sterling silver metal. Visit the link to get more details about the jewelry.

Glass and Copper Jewelry

glass and copper jewelry

This glass and copper jewelry is a bracelet made, hand-woven using 2-hole beads. This 7.5-inch long bracelet also features an antique copper floral toggle clasp. The bracelet is fit for any occasion. Click the link to find out more.

Copper Celtic Knot Jewelry Design

copper celtic knot jewelry design

This copper Celtic knot jewelry design features a pure copper bracelet interior with six north-facing magnets. The copper bracelet measures 7 inches long and has a thickness of 2 mm. Follow the link to buy this stylish sports band.

Copper Leaf Jewelry

copper leaf jewelry

This copper leaf jewelry is a bracelet featuring leaf-shaped copper designs. The bracelet has a length of 8.5 inches. This vintage piece of jewelry is a fine accessory and a special gift. Visit the link to proceed to purchase. You may also see Enamel Jewelry Designs

Unique Copper Pendant Necklace

unique copper pendant neklace

Copper Leaf Drop Earrings

copper leaf drop earrings

Solid Copper Bracelet Design

solid copper bracelet design

Retro Copper Link Bracelet

retro copper link bracelet

Copper Owl Pendant Necklace

copper owl pendant necklace

Trendy Copper Jewelry Idea

trendy copper jewelry idea

Copper Beads Necklace Design

copper beads necklace design

Pretty Copper Pendant Necklace

pretty copper pendant necklace

Large Copper Hoop Earrinhgs

large copper hoop earrinhgs

Wire Wrapped Copper Jewelry

wire wrapped copper jewelry

These were some noteworthy copper jewelry designs that hold a special place. Copper jewelry has an unmatched aura and is fit for any occasion. Tropical jewelry is a colorful and modern design of copper jewelry that is beautiful and sophisticated.

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