Since many centuries, jewelry has been an important part in any women’s life. Of all the jewelry designs, floral pendant designs have always been in demand, particularly Lily pendants. They symbolize chastity, virtue, gaiety, desire, passion, perfection and majesty. Whether studded in long pendant necklaces or short pendant sets, they are always eyeing catchy.

Sterling Silver Lily Pendant Necklace

sterling silver lily pendant necklace


This beautiful Sterling silver lily flower made from Sterling silver is a combination of the beauty of nature and hence, it’s a perfect gift for nature-loving women. The silver necklace has a thin icing finish. The silver leaf which sets on the shoulder side adds to the beauty of the necklace. The pendant necklace is so simple and elegant that it can be worn on a regular basis.

Lily Flower Wedding Necklace Idea

lily flower wedding necklace idea

This very beautiful pendant design is a combination of silver and pearl. The simple silver chain is used along with a filigree cone shaped flower petals with three crystal pearls coming out of it. This lily pendant designed necklace is a wide attraction for the brides-to-be.

Double Calla Lily Pendant Chain

double calla lily pendant chain


This design is made up of two lily flowers, hence named as double calla lily pendant chain. The pendant is made of bright silver with two calla lily leaves. The pendant is inserted into a thin bronze chain with black color which makes it unique. It can be gifted as a delicate gift for your special one, and can be used for everyday wear. You may also See Beaded Pendant Designs

Calla Lily Pendant Necklace

calla lily pendant necklace

Here is a pendant chain with a Southwestern look. This beautiful long pendant necklace is made out of calla lily pendant, goldstone beads, turquoise beads, copper stem, copper spacers and crystal rondelles giving a rich look. The color combination gives it a unique look making it perfect for any casual occasion.

Pearl Calla Lily Pendant Chain

pearl calla lily pendant chain

This is one of the simple lily pendant designs. The pendant is designed with a crystal black pearl-centered in a calla lily flower. The calla lily flower is made of bronze and is gold plated. This design can also be made as a long necklace pendant. It can be worn on a regular basis and also on small occasions.

Pink Lily Pendant Necklace

pink lily pendant necklace

From the above listed beautiful floral pendants, this is a different and simplest. It’s a beautifully designed piece forming a pink lily petal. The silver chain is centered with a pink lily petal and is given the shape of a tear drop. This pink color makes it really delicate and tender in look. The simple design makes it a regularly used piece and can be worn on designer gowns too.

The stone used in this beautiful floral pendant is Agate Folklore, which is the best for Gemini. The purple agate stone is here plated with silver, and a beautiful lily is also designed in the center with silver too. This beautiful lily pendant is used mostly by Gemini zodiacs for regular use.

Lily Borosilicate Glass Pendant

lily borosilicate glass pendant


This beautiful pendant design is mainly for pet lovers. The design of the pendant is made from the ashes of the pets, which bloom into a water lily. To make it, the finest borosilicate glass is used to form such an elegant lily flower design. This pendant is used by both men and women, worn with chains, a black cord or as a keychain.

Glass Lily Implosion Pendant

glass lily implosion pendant


Rose Gold Lilly Pendant

rose gold lilly pendant


Chic Lily Pendant Necklace

chic lily pendant necklace

Lily pendant designs hence prove to be simple, stylish and highly enduring in different designs. The snowflake pendant designs in silver also have a glance of lily floral designs. This beautiful designed jewelry when gifted shows your love and care, while they are also heart stealing for those who love lilies.

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