Medallion pendants are sophisticated in style and complement your overall look. There is a variety of classic and emerging medallion pendant designs. Snowflake pendant designs are a major trend and radiate elegance and class. Necklaces with medallion pendant designs make for a great accessory that uplifts your style. There are various styles and shapes of medallion pendants that cater to different tastes.

Large Medallion Pendant Necklace

large medallion pendant necklace

This large medallion pendant necklace features design that resembles seascape as seen through a porthole. Made of sterling silver and chalcedony, this medallion pendant necklace is simple and elegant. Click the link to take a closer of the design.

Sterling Silver Medallion Pendant

sterling silver medallion pendant

This sterling silver medallion pendant is made of stamped 925 sterling silver and features a faceted Indian ruby. This stunning jewelry weighs 0.18 oz and has a diameter of around 15 inches. Follow the link to learn more about the pendant.

Gold Medallion Pendant Chain

gold medallion pendant chain

This gold medallion pendant chain features Swarovski crystal flower and swirl flower glass cabochon. With Ultrasuede fabric backing, this pendant chain comes attached to a beaded necklace, featuring oval-shaped units. Visit the link to get more details.

Medallion Charm Necklace

medallion charm necklace

This medallion charm necklace presents a rustic look. Made of sterling silver, this medallion pendant necklace features round and deep red coral at the centre. The oxidized and brushed pendant measures 1×0.8 inches. Use the link to take a closer look.

Floral Medallion Pendant

floral medallion pendant

This floral medallion pendant tells a beautiful story and showcases an elegant design. The pendant features pink roses on a white background. This handmade floral pendant makes a pleasant style statement. Click the link to know more about the design.

Rose Gold Medallion Pendant Chain

rose gold medallion pendant chain

This rose gold medallion pendant chain features an English antique medal in sterling silver. Polished with rose gold, this pendant chain has a raised crest at the centre. The medal measures 1×1.45 inches. Follow the link to get more information.

Butterfly Medallion Pendant

butterfly medallion pendant1

This is a highly detailed butterfly medallion pendant, with an intricate butterfly design. With a plain chain, the medallion pendant stands out and shines. This exquisite piece is a worthy of a look. Click the link to know more.

Blue Medallion Pendant Necklace

blue medallion pendant necklace

This blue medallion pendant necklace features blue Amazonite disc and a carved terra cotta medallion. With dramatic blue designs, this pendant necklace is unique and presentable. Visit the link to take a closer look at the design.

Round Diamond Medallion Pendant

round diamond medallion pendant

This round diamond medallion pendant features alternating princess cut sapphires and Baguette diamonds. The round diamonds are set in an 18k white gold medallion pendant mounting. This pendant is brilliant and elegant. Click the link to find more details.

Blue Labradorite Medallion Pendant

blue labradorite medallion pendant

Rose Gold Medallion Pendant

rose gold medallion pendant

Modern Dichroic Medallion Pendant

modern dichroic medallion pendant

Flower Medallion Pendant

flower medallion pendant

White and Gray Medallion Pendant

white and gray medallion pendant

Beaded Medallion Pendant Necklace

beaded medallion pendant necklace

These were beautiful medallion pendant designs. See the designs and observe the intricate details that highlight the pendants. You can choose from various designs, based on what you like. Tropical jewelry designs and long pendant necklace designs are also very much in trend. Medallion pendant is your ultimate makeover.

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