Magnifying pendants are classic and sophisticated. They are a popular trend and add something extra to a pendant. There are various designs of magnifying pendants in different themes. Heart pendant is a popular design that showcases plenty of style and substance. When it comes to pendants, it is good to select one that aligns with your personality and taste.

Vintage Magnifying Pendant

vintage magnifying pendant

This vintage magnifying pendant features an antique magnifying glass, measuring 1.75 inches across. The gold colored chain measures 24 inches from end to end.

Crystal Magnifying Pendant

crystal magnifying pendant

This crystal magnifying pendant features Montana blue, pink and clear crystal rhinestones. The gold tone chain is 30 inches long

Victorian Magnifying Pendant

victorian magnifying pendant

This Victorian magnifying pendant features a real magnifying glass and measures 3 inches long and 1.5 inches wide.
This silver magnifying glass pendant has a vintage style. The pendant measures 60mm x 40mm and the chain is 30cm long. The silver color chain is made of brass.

Key Magnifying Glass Pendant

key magnifying glass pendant

This key magnifying glass pendant features a key, attached to the pendant. This is a simple and elegant pendant that has a vintage flavor.
This brass magnifying pendant design includes brass chain and round bezel, and a pink daisy image. The locket has a diameter of 32 mm, while the chain measures 65 cm long.
This magnifying glass pendant necklace features a 23 mm magnifying glass and a 24-inch antiqued bronze chain. The nickel and lead-free chain close with a lobster claw clasp.

Magnifying Beaded Glass Pendant

magnifying beaded glass pendant

Large Magnifying Vintage Pendant

large magnifying vintage pendant

Small Magnifying Pendant

small magnifying pendant

These were some noteworthy magnifying pendant designs. Floral pendants make for a modern look, while stone pendant offers a rustic touch. Aquamarine pendants are also rich in style and class. Explore the pendants and see what’s suits you the most. Hope this article guides you to your favorite magnifying pendant.

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