Icon designs help many graphic designers around the world. They are used in almost every project while mostly used through digital mediums. These icons have a great range of designs with person being one of them. You can use them in both printed and digital designs giving you versatile use. In today’s post we are going to share with you a collection of person icon designs that will sure inspire you for many future projects.

Person Walking Icons

person walking icons

This person walking icon has a great potential for both digital and printed works. You can use it to create a stylish sign for corporate buildings or to pass a message through a poster, web site or a stylish blog.

Small Person Icons

small person icons

This design is useful in case you want to create a clever looking app design that manages contacts and emails. This pack has a good variety of person icons that come in png, gif, ico and bmp formats to choose.

Business Person Icons

business person icons

You can choose this vector icon set for app and web site development. These designs will add character in your project while at the same time offering visual help for the users. The set comes with an eps format file.

Flat Person Icons

flat person icons

With 84 person icons this design will sure give you ideas. You will find a variety of person icons that come in eps, jpg and png formats to choose from while the size of the file reaches the 11 MB. You may also see Gender Icons

Vector Person Icons

vector person icons

This design has full bodied person icons that will be useful for advertising, web sites, blogs and phone apps. You will find it in a free of charge download that will give you a modern vector design with person icons.

3D Person Icons

3d person icons

3D designs look stylish and creative giving depth to your projects. The designs comprises of six person icons with different characteristics each for a satisfying variety. It comes in high resolution quality for excellent look on any screen desktop or phone.

Blue Person Icons

blue person icons

This design has a strong professional look that is suitable for corporate web sites. This will make your projects look polished and stylish while it is available in six different designs to choose the one that fits your needs.

Round Person Icons

round person icons

This design comes with two different shapes of rounded icons and rounded square to choose the ones that suit your needs. It has an excellent design with a great variety while it is available in png and icon designs to select.

Flat Colorful Person Icons

flat colorful person icons

Flat icons are preferred from a great percentage of graphic designers. They look creative and stunning with colorful designs to give you versatile use. Suitable for web sites, blogs and apps to add character and style in a creative tone.

Outline Person Icons

outline person icons

Using a silhouette person icon will not constrict your choices in color to use for your projects. With this design you get jpg and eps format files with fully layered properties to help you customize them o fit your needs.

Formal Person Icons

formal person icons

Classic Person Icons

classic person icons

Office Person Icons

office person icons

Person Circle Icons

person circle icons

Person Waiting Sign Icons

person waiting sign icons

Avatar Person Icons

avatar person icons

Generic Person Icons

generic person icons

These icon designs come in various forms. From 3D to flat icons you have a great deal of designs to choose from and use them in your own designs. Incorporate a person icon and watch it drawing attention to your projects making it look interesting and stylish with extra character.

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