We live in a world of business and entrepreneurs. Indeed, we can’t imagine how difficult it would be without business or entrepreneurship. There are all sorts of businesses with new entrepreneurs joining the industry every single day. It is for this very reason that the web and graphic designers are faced with an ever-increasing demand for an entrepreneur as well as Office Icons. To help you meet this demand with ease, we have rounded-up this icons collection for you.

Entrepreneur Icon Set

entrepreneur icon set

This pack of entrepreneur icons featuring a nice-looking business suit, phone, credit card, computer, and notebook can be ideal for your web and graphic design tasks with entrepreneur inspiration. The icons are easily editable and customizable. You can obtain these icons in a vector EPS file format.

Vector EPS Entrepreneur Icons

vector eps entrepreneur icons

These icons with people before a computer and characters in assorted situations at workplace and office are ideal for your blue colors related projects. These icons can be ideal for bringing out the concept of business and teamwork in your projects. They are downloadable in vector EPS format.

Startup Business and Entrepreneur Icons Set

startup business and entrepreneur icons set

Featuring an assortment of business and entrepreneur icons including a briefcase, moneybag, handshake, etc, this is definitely a nice pack of icons ideal for a startup business. These neat icons come in a highly impressive high resolution and sizes to enable you to meet your web or graphic design needs.

Full Entrepreneur Icon Set

full entrepreneur icon set

This full set of icons featuring moneybag, a handshake, briefcase, etc, could be all that you need for designing your next entrepreneur related design project or creating your entrepreneur report. It is perhaps the neatness and simplicity of these icons that makes them ideal for your designing tasks.

Entrepreneurship Flat Color Icons Set

entrepreneurship flat color icons set

This set of flat color icons featuring briefcase, handshake, team, moneybag, etc, comes with remarkable simplicity and attractiveness. You can use these colorful icons in your entrepreneur inspired website or print design project. The vector icons are available in the much needed high resolution, ideal for your projects. You may also see Office and Workplace Icons

Entrepreneur Report Icons

entrepreneur report icons

If you are working on an entrepreneur report, then this could be the right set of icons that you need to accomplish the task effectively. This pack features great icons ideal for the task including a handshake, moneybag, cup, and more. The icons look appealingly neat and simple.

Startup Entrepreneur Icons

startup entrepreneur icons

Want to do your entrepreneur startup in style? Then, this could be the right set of icons that you should consider using in your designs. Featuring money or dollar icons, office, computer, etc, these icons comes with a clean and simple layout that is quite appealing.

Business and Finance Icons

business and finance icons

Looking for excellent SEO and Internet Marketing Icons to use for your next business or finance related design project? Then, this is the right set of icons that you should consider using. The set of green icons features human icons, currency icons, analysis chart icon, and much more.

Businessman Vector Icon set

businessman vector icon set

If you are looking for a way of giving your business related design project a professional look, then this set of vector icons featuring businesspersons in attractive business suits could be just perfect for you. They can be great for depicting the idea of teamwork, leadership, etc.

Colorful Entrepreneurship Icons

colorful entrepreneurship icons

The appeal of these entrepreneurship icons lies in their colorful attribute! Whether you would like to create an impression of teamwork, leadership or create a detailed entrepreneur report, you will find these colorful icons quite handy. The entrepreneurship icons are available in vector format.

Business professional Icon set

business professional icon set

Startup Enterpreneur Icons

startup enterpreneur icons

Thin line Enterpreneur Icons

thin line enterpreneur icons

Small Business Icons

small business icons

Entrepreneurship Circle Icons

entrepreneurship circle icons

Definitely, with such an immense icon collection, you can’t fail to get a suitable Business and Finance Icon to use for your next business or finance related design project. You can use the icons in the above collection in an app, Office and Workplace Icon on your office notice board, etc.

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