For various graphical representation or software development, icons are used to denote a particular message to the viewers. In order to bring a little difference in the design, new and better icons are used for the development. The lock icons denote either the accessibility is not available or open. They are available in various colors and file formats. To find latest and different designs that match the requirement, use the links below as per the description and get the lock icons.

Slick Lock Icon Collection

slick lock icons collection

This 3D lock icon collection is a set of open and closed lock in three different colors which are dashing blue, sober green and tangy orange. These icons are available in 6 different sizes (1024, 512, 256, 128, 64 and 32 pixels) for the convenience of the user.

Lock and Key Icon Set

lock and key icon set

This is a simple lock and key design in a 2-dimensional figure. The open and closed locks are golden in color and come with a golden key. This icon set can be used for designing security icons as the size is very light.

Stylish Flat Lock Icons

stylish flat lock icons

This is a great set of 16 lock icons with a variety of patterns for different messages and use. The icons appear black solid in design and can be used for simple website and application development.

Vector Lock Icon Set

vector lock icon set

The simple padlock set comprises of two lock icons that look like a padlock. The closed padlock is white in color whereas the open is black in color. The simple design goes well with applications and websites development.

Key and Lock Icon Set

key and lock icon set

This affordable set of 12 keys and locks available in single black color is very good for sober product designs. The icons are of both classic and modern styles and can be customized and they are available in 4 sizes (64, 128, 256 and 512 pixels).

Lock Icons on Blue Background

lock icons on blue background

This is a brilliant set of 16 different black colored lock icons that can be utilized to design logos for security-based applications or websites. These icons can be edited fully and the elements are included in EPS file.

Vector Psd Lock Icons

vector psd lock icons

This set of locks is available in color, solid and outline based designs. There are 9 different pretty stylish locks that can be used for various designing purposes and the file format is EPS10 editable files.

Colorful Lock Safe Icon Design

colorful lock safe icon design

The colorful lock icons can be used for developing banking or finance related software, applications or websites. The lock set has 16 colorful designs of locks, patterns, fingerprint reader, vaults, keys, combination locks and money. The innovative designs are in JPG format and can be editable.

High Quality Lock Icons Collection

high quality lock icons collection

The images are very simple straight locks or tilted keys that are designed with line impression. The icons are available in JPG format and are fully editable supporting EPS 10.

Lock and Unlock Icon

lock and unlock icons

This is a set of simple solid lock icons. The number of the open and closed locks is 12. This set complies with EPS8 illustration and the use of vector graphics editor like Adobe Illustrator is preferred.

Padlock Icon Set

padlock icons

Lock Icons for Site

lock icons for site

Colorful Safety Lock Icon Set

colorful safety lock icons

Heart Lock Icon

heart lock icons

Lock and Security Icon

lock and security icons

Flat Style Lock Icon

flat style lock icons

Keys and Locks Icon

keys and locks icons

High Resolution Lock Icon Set

high resolution lock icons

Lock Vector Icon Pack

lock vector icons

The varieties of lock and key designs become necessary to prepare a great user interface. The development of application or website is completed with such illustrative icons that comply with the ambiance of the design and deliver the intended message. The images are best for all types of designs and must be used intelligently to match the requirement.

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