Being a man, have you wondered how to pull of jewellery? Has it ever bothered you about how you can carry it off? Well if you’re getting engagement and have these concerns, we are here to resolve them for you. Ever man can pull off a ring with any outfits, be it jeans and a casual top or ethnic wear or a suit. Here are few tips on what kind of rings you need to choose to pull of the perfect look.

Titanium Wedding Ring for Men

titanium handmade gold ring

This handmade wedding gold band is for the man who loves a slight bling to his over all look. The bling is minimal but will definitely help you stand out. Why should girls have all the bling, right?

Titanium Ring with Cross Design

titanium ring with cross design

This custom-made titanium ring with cross design stands out for its uniqueness. The cross on the ring is subtle but also very evidently put. The detailing done to it is very intricate. It is love at first sight all over again for you.

Silver and Gold Titanium Rings

multiwood titanium rings


Why settle for silver or gold only when you can add a touch of different colours to it. Break monotony with these stunning titanium rings and make a fashion statement. The combination of two colours gives it an elegant look.

Titanium Wood Inley Ring

titanium wood inley ring

This ring that is a combination of brown and white is made of natural deer antler with koa wood inlay. This gives you a shinny and macho look. It portrays a sense of strength with elegance.

Classic Titanium Camo Ring

titanium camo ring

This lavish titanium with white inlay band and black enamel is another name for CLASSIC. The intricate work on the band, the finish and the colour just makes it the perfect look for your engagement or wedding. One look is enough to fall in love with this beautiful design.

Titanium Ring with Silver Lining

titanium silver wedding ring

The silver polished edges with a series of sliver lining, which has brushed texture glimmers in direct light. This is durable and comfortable. It goes on our top list of the best looking ring. It carries the name elegance in every part of the design. If you want something simple yet elegant, this is the one for you.

Black Symmetrical Titanium Rings

black symmetrical titanium rings


Blue Sapphire Titanium Ring

blue saphire titanium ring

Silver Shiny Titanium Wedding Rings

silver shiny titanium wedding ring


Grey Metal Titanium Ring with Diamond

grey metal titanium ring with diamond


Tiny Silver Titanium Rings for Men

tiny silver titanium rings for men


Antler Titanium Ring Design

antler titanium ring design

Classic Titanium Gold Wedding Ring

classic titanium gold wedding ring

Black Handcrafted Titanium Ring

black handcrafted titanium ring


Men Titanium Ring

men titanium ring1

So these are our favourites and we think you will love them too. The trick is to carry it out with confidence.

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