Do you wish to have a tattoo done or are you considering getting one? Then go with the foot print tattoo. Footprint tattoos are among the most unique and special tattoos you can have expressly if you love to get inspired. We have compiled few of the most amazing foot print tattoos for you have a look!

Footprint Tattoo on Wrist

footprint tattoo on wrist


This tattoo outwardly contains the birth records of particular persons and is a sweet way of inscribing a date of sensitive meaning on your skin. You can work on the tattoo by experimenting with attractive colors this idea is best simulated in its accurate form.

Wolf Paw Print Tattoo

wolf paw print tattoo


Paw print tattoos are the most popular tattoos that are going on in todays trend This is a plain wolf paw print tattoo engraved in black color. This tattoo is inked on the wrist which can be easily shown off.

Quoted Foot Print Tattoo Idea

quoted foot print tattoo idea


Quoted footprint tattoos are becoming quite trendy these days as they are so personal. Especially tattoo quotes for lovers can help to take the relationship to a permanent and higher level. This meaningful footprint tattoo definitely signifies love for your partner.

Realistic Footprint Tattoo Design

realistic footprint tattoo design


Realistic tattoos are among the most popular among both women and men. They are designs that can surely make up your fashion quotient. Vibrant colors are used in the tattoo to make it look realistic they are seen on skin everywhere.

Baby Foot Print Tattoo Idea

baby foot print tattoo idea


Showing your love for somebody is one of the best things anyone can do and if the same thing is done in the form of tattoo for your baby there can be nothing better. This baby footprint tattoo is created like the newborn’s footprints. It’s a cute and simple design usually designed in black ink you can also go with colored one.

Neo Traditional Foot Print Tattoo

neo traditional foot print tattoo


Neo traditions are developing as more and more styles come up nearly each day. Some of the prominent fashion in this new type of art is neon traditional footprint tattoos. This image has got footprint of her son as well as a subject based on the day he was born.

Rip Foot Print Tattoo Design

rip foot print tattoo design


RIP tattoos make us remember our dear ones who have passed away. This footprint tattoo with an emotional message is a wonderful way of expressing your love for someone. You can also try designing a tribal or a symbol rip tattoo.

Flowers with Baby Feet Tattoo

flowers with baby feet tattoo


Lovely Heart Tattoo Design

lovely heart tattoo design


Black and Grey Tattoo for Women

black and grey tattoo for women


Pretty Tattoo on Hand

pretty tattoo on hand


Half Sleeve Sacred Heart Tattoo

half sleeve sacred heart tattoo


Colorful Tattoo for Women

colorful tattoo for women


Dog Feet Print Tattoo Idea

dog feet print tattoo idea


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