Tattoo lovers with religious tattoos are often told that getting a tattoo might not be the correct way to worship the Lord. On the contrary, believers get the ultimate choice of branding their bodies with a symbol of their religious devotion forever! Now that is an angle people usually miss out on while weighing the pros and cons of getting inked. We have compiled a collection of our preferred Christian tattoos for you.

Cross Tattoo Design

cross tattoo design1


A rose with  crosses is one of the most popular designs for the beginners. With the heavenly light shining down on those who are true, the highlight of this tattoo comes from the retro colored sketchy look.

Angel Tattoo Design

angel tattoo design


Angels are other commonly used figurines in Christian tattoo art. Usually designed with lots of  details, with delicate highlights and shadows given as required, the trick here is to go for a realistic looking angel spreading its wings right on your forearm.

Realistic Cross Tattoo Design

realistic cross tattoo design


Here is a design for people who are a little more ambitious. You can go for a 3D realistic looking cross tattoo. Notice the fine lines of wood showing up in the tattoo? Well, that’s the level of detailing you need to achieve to get a brilliant look like this

Black Christian Cross Tattoo Design

black christian cross tattoo design


A simpler version of the Christian cross tattoo, this one is about getting the inward-curved representation of the cross tattoo done on your forearm, supported by a halo of red glorious light. Do not complicate thedesign much; all you should be going for is the bold black and red.

Black and Grey Jesus Hand Tattoo

black and grey jesus hand tattoo


Carry the Lord’s son on your forearm, with this intricately designed Christian tattoo. We totally adore the brilliant detailing in this one, giving a beautiful and holy look to the inked Jesus Christ. Give it a religious glow with a beautiful halo around the arm.

Cross Tattoo For Women

cross tattoo for women


For those with a minimal taste, this is the perfect Christian tattoo which will appeal to you! Simply get a rectangular cross inked in to the nape of your neck in pure black ink.

Christian Back Tattoo Design

christian back tattoo design


Full back tattoos are way more of a complicated than any other, considering it is going to cover your entire backside with symbolism. For something so sensitive, what better to carry than a Holy Cross inked across the length of your back?

Black Cross Leg Tattoo

black cross leg tattoo


A trend here to stay, these fun little cross tattoos executed in pure black ink don’t just look stylish to the core, they convey your religious beliefs clearly.

Religious Tattoo

religious tattoo


Christian Symbol Tattoo

christian symbol tattoo


Jesus Christ Hand Tattoo

jesus christ hand tattoo


Traditional Tattoo Design

traditional tattoo design


Jesus Quote with Floral Tattoo

jesus quote with floral tattoo


Wooden Cross Tattoo

wooden cross tattoo


Christianity Hand Tattoo Design

christianity hand tattoo design


Christian Symbol with Bird Tattoo

christian symbol with bird tattoo


Religion is differently perceived by each individual, and being religious does not necessarily mean being orthodox. We believe that showcasing your love and devotion for the One is also a way of worship. Give the religious spirit inside you a burst of shine, and wear your belief onto your body with all your integrity. Share with us in comments below your views on the same!

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