Black and white considered as one of the most conventional and classic combinations to incorporate in your home holds an evergreen presence whether introduced in the kitchen flooring or the bathroom tiles. If you have been looking for a long time to include this timeless combination, let us tell you that you would not have to shell out exorbitant amounts of money.

We have put together 10 neat tips where you can trick to infuse the combination in your home without redoing the complete floors.

Below mentioned are 10 best black and white rugs you can add to your space to achieve a refined and classic look.

1. Lappljung Ruta, IKEA : $99.00

One of the very popular designs, this rug will look lovely in the decor and style of every home. The neat and symmetrical design of the rug along with its flat-woven surface makes it an excellent addition to the dining room.

2. Hilda Monica Rug : $34.99

An evergreen Swiss cross print makes the 100% hand-tufted wool rug a classic choice to opt for the furnishing. Available in black with white crosses and vice-versa, the design is versatile and makes up for an elegant purchase for your living room.

3. Triangle Rag Rug : $329

Classic cotton rug, it is hand woven and perfect for those who love the triangle motif print and hand woven look. The rug is available in varied sizes and will surely give your home a classic and homely touch.

4. Marlton Textured Wool Rug : $95.19

This textured wool rug is the best fit to include in your home whilst you save up for redoing the complete floor. The pattern is intricate and definitely a vintage print to include in your rug. The elaborate pattern will also act as a statement piece to an otherwise plain decor.

5. Line Pattern Rug : $129.00

This line patterned rug giving you the impression of a shirt print is a perfect fit if you are looking to include the black and white look minimally. Made out of 100% cotton the end line rug is completely handwoven in India.

6. Connect Patterned Striped Black and White Rug : $24

The minimal and classy connected rag rug, complemented with delicate white stripes makes the look of the rug elegant and appealing.

7. Stockholm Rug : $199.00

One of the most popular designs in rugs this reversible, affordable and handwoven pattern has gained popularity with its big banded design and multipurpose usage.

8. Patterned Rug : $199

The simple and thin geometric pattern has been gaining popularity in every sector of design. The mixed weave of cotton and wool makes this rug is especially good for the coming colder months.

9. Kalora Platinum Rug : $52.99

One of the most dramatic of the lot, this rug doesn’t carry a specific pattern. Soft and flowy in its visual appeal the rug is definitely one piece that looks better in person than in photos.

Black and white coloured patterns look lovely with all styles of decor and complement well with modern as well as traditional interiors. Buy the one that reflects the personality of your home with ease and style.

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