The school with its hectic work and stringent schedule will require you to be upbeat and energetic in the lectures as well as other undertaken projects. Well, some would disagree, but this much-needed energy can be deeply influenced by your personal working space. And, because in colleges the personal working, resting, studying and entertaining space is the dorm, it is must make your dorm reflect energy and positivity with its interior decor.

The limited space can always offer its challenges but today we have 10 designs that will help you maximise the space in dorm rooms for the present eco-savvy, design-savvy and tech-savvy college students. when we talk about styling your decor we mean more than just filling the space with posters, bean-bag chairs and shelf for books and noodles.

1. Loft Style Bed

The majority of dorms can be adjusted with loft style beds considering the modest height of the rooms. The loft style beds allow the room to have a separate area for your resting and work space. If you and your roommate decide to loft your beds, the room will surely be twice as spacious. The beds placed on height also help to create a comfortable lounge area.

2. Lift Your Bed

If loft bed is not the option for you, try and include bed risers to lift your bed. The few extra inches of storage area created under the bed can greatly help to give the impression of wider space. The hidden storage is also a great way to organise and get the huge boxes and suitcases out of your eye.

3. Add a Personal Touch

Try and experiment with the furniture arrangement in the dorm room to bring a personal style to your space. If you are looking for an inexpensive and easy way to create an illusion of big space, try and include a mirror to the wall. Mirrors reflect the natural light and make the room look spacious. Include some personal elements like paintings and personal canvas works to make the room less formal and more private.

4. All Purpose Furniture

Adding extra pieces of furniture is always a great option, but extra piece means extra space. Therefore, look for furniture that serves multiple purposes with just one unit. Instead of going for a standard small stool or table, go for pouffe with built in storage. This multipurpose piece can act as a styled seating arrangement, a great storage place and also an extra table when required.

5. Coordinated Look

Make sure to coordinate with your roommate for styling your room in a complementing style and decor. It is important to ensure that both your styles match so that the room doesn’t turn out to be an eye sore.

6. Temporary Wall Art

Try and include temporary wall art to give an interesting look to the boring old white walls. With the multitude of options available you can easily apply and remove the wall art from your room. If the shapes, designs and textures of the wall art available in the market don’t fit your preference, you can custom make your wall art with washi tape.

7. Keep it Organised

No matter what furniture or art pieces you have in your space, a cluttered room is always bothersome. Use the necessary trash cans, baskets, bins to organise your space and also make the room look settled and spacious.

8. Make Use of Soft Lighting

Avoid using harsh lighting for the interiors of the dorm room. In a case where your dorm has limited scope for natural light to peep through, opt for appealing and functional desk lamp to bring in after hours light and style to your room. Change the high wattage of light bulb to soft light to make the room look more welcoming.

9. Style Your Resting Space

Make sure that the bed in your room is a comfortable and pleasant area as you are going to spend a lot of time there. Don’t spend extra money in sheets as they won’t be of use once you move out but try and invest in a good quality comforter that will last with you even after you complete the school.

10. Make Sure Your Dorm Room Reminds You of Your Goal

Keep things organised and ensure that you room is a comfortable space where you can study and work. Add some funky and interesting accessories to help you pull all the sleepless all-nighters with ease and style.

Decorate the space with your personal style and make the room decor along with the school year a memorable experience.

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