If you like the black and white combination in colors and also enjoy cooking then this is the article for you. Black and white kitchens can have multiple combinations in its layout. You can go all white or all black and still combine them and have a beautiful outcome. They give the effect of a dramatic atmosphere and depending on your kitchen’s style they can bring you the most charming setting for your everyday cooking.

Black and White Kitchen Cabinets

black and white kitchen cabinets


You can design your black and white kitchen in simple lines. Use modern cabinets in a black or really dark mahogany and white. Leave your countertops white to achieve a more eccentric look.

Black Kitchen Cabinet Idea

black kitchen cabinet idea


This contemporary ranch style kitchen has the perfect balance of black and white. Using black cupboards with white countertops blends smoothly with the white coloring of the walls. The metallic appliances will give a modern look in your space.

White Kitchen with Black Backsplash

white kitchen with black backsplash


For those that like the traditional style, this is a good idea to follow. A white kitchen will keep the room bright while the black countertops and chairs will give it a certain degree of excitement.You can also see Red Oak Kitchen Cabinets Designs

Retro Black and White Kitchen

retro black and white kitchen

Design by : Jessica McKay

For an eccentric boost in your house design a white kitchen with a black stove. Design the floor in black and white squares provides an eye catching tone of eccentricity.

Modern Black and White Kitchen Design

modern black and white kitchen design


If you are remodeling your kitchen with modern design, then this is the look you should go for. A white kitchen with black countertops is one of the most basic color combinations to go for. You can add a couple “state of art” high chairs and you are set.

Black Kitchen Accessories

black kitchen accessories


If you decided on a black kitchen then you must accessorize accordingly. Bleak the black with white countertops and invest in metallic accessories to give your kitchen a transition to a modern look.

Dramatic Black and White Kitchen

dramatic black and white kitchen


The traditional style has many aspects when it comes to color. A black kitchen with granite countertops along with metallic appliances will give the perfect amount of dramatic and traditional.

Black and White Kitchen Tiles

black and white kitchen tiles


In a black and white kitchen you can put the flooring in the game too. Tiles in shades of black and white will provide you with a beautiful floor. Use off-white subway tiles that reach up to the ceiling to give a traditional tone.

Trendy Black and White Kitchen

trendy black and white kitchen


If you aim for a modern and trendy kitchen, check this idea. With straight lines and symmetrical modern cabinets in a dark grey or washed off black and bright white countertops you can get a trendy neutral black and white kitchen.

If you still don’t feel that brave to have a black kitchen, then think about mahogany cabinets. Leave the countertops and appliances white and you’ll have a charming dark kitchen.

Beautiful Black &White Floor Kitchen

beautiful interior white kitchen


Tiny White & Black Kitchen Idea

tiny white and black kitchen idea


White Countertop with Black Kitchen

white kitchen with small floweer pot


Black & White Kitchen Decor

black and white outer look kitchen

Design by : Henry Woide

Finding the ideal color scheme for your kitchen is the most important factor. A kitchen must be functional and practical but in the same time beautiful and inspiring. Choose easy maintenance surfaces. Use the natural light. Play with the decoration and select accessories that will add character in your kitchen. Even something small can make a big difference.

White Kitchen Cabinet with Black Countertop

white kitchen with interior decor


You’ve been thinking about it for long enough. Now it’s time to go ahead and choose your style and finally do it. Style it in white and black. Trust us when we say that you will most definitely be rewarded every time you step into your black and white kitchen.

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