Carrying out all the functions of a kitchen in a small space can certainly get difficult; thus, making use of the space wisely is important. There are several smart, stylish and functional designs that can be adopted for kitchens. One such design is the U–shaped kitchen design which is highly functional and efficient for the small kitchens. Below is a list of several U-shaped kitchen design ideas.

Small U Shaped White Kitchen

small u shaped white kitchen

This is a traditional kitchen with a U-shaped design. The kitchen has an all white interior and is small; hence, the U-shaped design is perfect. It is functional, efficient and utilizes maximum space. To complement this white kitchen are beige colored cabinets and wall backsplash at the stove which make the kitchen look modern.

Small U Shaped Kitchen Island

small u shaped kitchen with island

This modern kitchen with the usage of luxurious interiors and décor is a small one and has a U-shaped design. It also features an island with a black granite countertop. It has hanging pendant lights across the kitchen in several areas. Also, the kitchen has an open pantry.

Traditional Small U Shaped Kitchen

traditional small u shaped kitchen

This traditional small kitchen with U-shaped design features all the ancient style décor including wooden cabinetry, flooring, etc. It has a beige color scheme that matches the color of the cabinets. It features traditional style pendant lights and an L-shaped island.

Contemporary Small U Shaped Kitchen

contemporary small u shaped kitchen

This is a contemporary style small U-shaped kitchen in white featuring a natural stone black countertop. It has a white tile backsplash with glass cabinets and a kitchen runner rug that is placed in the center of the kitchen space

Small Mediterranean U Shaped Kitchen

small mediterranean u shaped kitchen

Design by Dieppe Design

This is a small Mediterranean kitchen in a U-shaped design and has an all white color scheme including the cabinets, countertop, island,etc. It features a large stainless steel refrigerator and oven with a double bowl sink and flat panel cabinets.

Beach Style Small U Shaped Kitchen

beach style small u shaped kitchen

This is a beautiful beach style small U-shaped kitchen with a white only color scheme. It features a subway tile backsplash with white cabinets and has stainless steel appliances like the oven and refrigerator. It features beach themed design such as the subway tile backsplash which is in blue color. You can also see Rustic Kitchen Island Designs

Midcentury Small U Shaped Kitchen

midcentury small u shaped kitchen

This is a small U-shaped kitchen designed in midcentury style featuring beige colored décor in the kitchen. It is an open concept kitchen design which features flat panel cabinets, LED lights in the ceiling, an under mount sink, and wall ovens.

Small U Shaped Kitchen Pantry

small u shaped kitchen with pantry

This is a contemporary kitchen with a small U-shaped design inside and has an open pantry within the kitchen space. It features three pendant lights that match the décor of the kitchen with a bar counter. It also has three chairs placed for seating. It is a basement kitchen with a U-shaped design. You can also see Wooden Kitchen Designs

Small Red U Shaped Kitchen

red color small u shaped kitchen

Red is an attractive color and when incorporated in home décor, it makes for a brilliant look. This rustic kitchen has a red theme décor inside with the U-shaped design. Featuring red cabinets, rustic ceiling wooden beams and several other red appliances along with grey, it makes for a warm and natural looking kitchen space.

Classic Small U Shaped Kitchen

classic small u shaped kitchen

This is a classic eclectic kitchen with a U-shaped design featuring stainless steel countertops with other stainless steel appliances like ovens. It has glass door cabinets on one side where all the crockery has been placed inside. It also features black colored cutting board which has been fixed in the countertop.

Rustic Small U Shaped Kitchen

rustic small u shaped kitchen

Design by Kaplan Thompson Architects

Small Teak Wood U Shape Kitchen

small light wood u shaped kitchen

Design by Nick Garibbo

Small Dark Wood U Shaped Kitchen

small wooden u shaped kitchen

Design by C. Roberto Estrada

Small U Shaped Kitchen Cabinet

small u shaped kitchen cabinet

Small Traditional U Shaped Kitchen

small traditional u shaped kitchen

Design by Mallory Parkington Photography, LLC

Small U Shaped Kitchen Renovation

renovation of small u shaped kitchen

Small U Shaped Kitchen Design

small u shaped kitchen design

Small Country U Shaped Kitchen

country style small u shaped kitchen

Design by lzallie

Small U-shaped kitchen designs have been used for long in kitchen spaces that are small and confined. It is a great design to be adapted in confined spaces because it makes use of space in the best way possible. It is also very efficient and functional.

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