White never goes out of style, be it in home décor or fashion, when incorporated in the kitchen, traditional white cabinets in antique style make for a go-to style in kitchen interiors. When coupled with dark colors like brown, gray or beige, it appears even better. Let’s have a look at some of the antique white kitchen cabinets.

Chic White Kitchen Cabinet

chic white kitchen cabinets

Hill Mitchell Berry Architects

These super chic white kitchen cabinets are very stylish and add a pop of elegance to this contemporary styled kitchen. To add depth to the kitchen décor, the dining chairs are in red color alongside a wooden dining table.

Tropical Kitchen Design Idea

tropical kitchen design idea1

Tervola Designs

This tropical kitchen is fantastically designed which features white cabinets with a glass in the middle and borders in white. To complement that is a large countertop in black with a drop in sink and wooden chairs to sit by. You can also see Black Kitchen Cabinets Designs

Modern Kitchen Cabinets Idea

modern kitchen cabinets idea

Paula Ables Interiors

This modern kitchen features simple and elegant white cabinets on the walls as well as in the vanity. It also has a countertop with a sink alongside three chairs. The flooring is of wooden and is brown that flatters the overall look of the kitchen.

Traditional Kitchen with Antique Cabinets

traditional kitchen with antique cabinets

Howard Group Design

This traditional kitchen features antique cabinets in white color. The cabinets are lined on both sides of the wall and a red center carpet is placed on the wooden floor. Above the cabinets is a wooden slab that can be used for kitchen chopping and cutting.

Classic Kitchen Interior Idea

classic kitchen interior idea2

Ben Herzog Architect

The classic kitchen with traditional interiors and white cabinets have a very charming touch on it. It contains white cabinets with a wooden countertop and on the other side of the cabinets have a glossy countertop with a sink and a large gas stove attached.

Small Kitchen with Marble Countertop

small kitchen with marble countertop

Jennifer Pacca Interiors

This small traditional kitchen has white vanity and cabinets and has a marble countertop that sits above alongside a drop in sink. The cabinets also feature glass center wherein all the crockery is stored in. You can also see Attractive Green Kitchen Designs

Luxurious Kitchen with White Cabinets

luxurious kitchen with white cabinets

Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath

This traditional kitchen which has a luxurious finish to it contains white cabinets. It is very large and spacious thus the brown wooden flooring, dining table, and its chairs, a chandelier on top of the dining area is perfectly suited.

Simple Kitchen Cabinetry Design

simple kitchen cabinetry design

Cooper Pacific Kitchens

This very simple traditional kitchen with white and black themed cabinets is very stylish.  It represents an antique look which appears great in traditionally styled kitchens. It has a green marble slab and countertop. All in all, it is a very stylish kitchen.

Blue and White Farmhouse Kitchen

blue and white farmhouse kitchen

Marcus & Willers Architects

This farmhouse kitchen with a very obvious color scheme in blue and white is totally eye catching. It has a hanging chandelier with candles placed in it. The white cabinets are large and have a great storing capacity.

Eclectic Kitchen with Black Countertop

eclectic kitchen with black countertop

Grossmuellers Design Consultants

Black and white is one combination that never runs out of style. This luxurious eclectic kitchen features beautiful white cabinets with a black glossy countertop. The whole theme of this kitchen is white and black except for the flooring which is light beige.

Antique White Kitchen Cabinets Idea

antique white kitchen cabinets idea

Kitchens Pal

Black and White Spacious Kitchen

black and white spacious kitchen

Katrina Stumbos Interior Design

Unique Kitchen with Pink Wall

unique kitchen with pink wall


Contemporary Kitchen with Ceiling

contemporary kitchen with ceiling

Elite Kitchens

Vintage Style Kitchen Design

vintage style kitchen design

Project Management Home Construction

Cozy Kitchen with Polished Floor

cozy kitchen with polished floor

Cabinetry Kitchen Remodeler

Cottage Style Kitchen Cabinets

cottage style kitchen cabinets

Photo by Cabinet Studio

Green and White Kitchen Design

green and white kitchen design


Elegant Kitchen with Hanging Lights

elegant kitchen with hanging lights

Creative Kitchen Design

Yellow and White Cabinets for Kitchen

yellow and white cabinets for kitchen

KBC - Kelley Building Company

Modular Kitchen with Led Lighting

modular kitchen with led lighting

Hensley Premier Builders

Antique kitchen cabinets can be placed both in modern as well as contemporary kitchens. White antique kitchen cabinets look not just beautiful but are also functional and allow for a great deal of storage space. These kitchen cabinets are great to draw inspiration from and one can easily incorporate them into the home kitchen. The above antique white kitchen cabinets are simple, elegant and sophisticated and make for a great design.

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