Seating space in a kitchen is essential. Depending on the kitchen’s size you can choose the right number of chairs that will comfortably sit people. From the chair designs you can find in physical and electronic markets, you can get many styles with high quality materials and stylish designs that will complete your kitchen’s look. Following, we have a collection of kitchen chair ideas to help you find the design that will complete your kitchen.

Wooden Kitchen Chair Designs

Wooden chairs will add a classic design in your kitchen. You can choose a design that follows the exact style of your space or you can go for a statement design that will give you extra points for personal style.

Black Wooden Chair Design

black wooden chair design

White Wooden Kitchen Chair

white wooden kitchen chairs

Metal Kitchen Chairs

You can get the right design with metal kitchen chairs. The kitchen will look fabulous while the metallic finish of the designs will add a touch of coldness to balance out a classic style with a warm color scheme idea.

Industrial Metal Kitchen Chair

industrial metal kitchen chairs


Minimalist Metal Kitchen Chair

minimalist metal kitchen chairs

Modern Kitchen Chair Designs

Modern designs have a minimalistic style that entails simple legs and an elegant upper frame that brings a stunning look for your kitchen. You can go for a design in a bright color to make the space look even brighter.

Modern Black Kitchen Chair Design

modern black kitchen chair designs

Sreten Jovanovic & Maja Urh

Modern Metal Kitchen Chair

modern metal kitchen chair

Leather Kitchen Chairs

It might have a masculine look, however the texture it can add in a kitchen is unique. The available designs come with various styles like lounge chair, while the range of colors can give you many options for your space.

Faux Leather Kitchen Chair

faux leather kitchen chairs

Kitchen Island Chair Ideas

If you want to accentuate your kitchen’s island then you can get a matching chair design. It will make the space look even while the island will be a focal point. The designs available come with many sizes to fit.

Contemporary Kitchen Island Chair

contemporary kitchen island chairs


Small Kitchen Island Chair

small kitchen island chair

Upholstered Kitchen Chairs

In case you want to make a change in your kitchen then you can start from the chairs. An upholstered design will give you the opportunity to bring a new design while the color will add a fresh stylish aspect.

Upholstered Kitchen Island Chair

upholstered kitchen island chair

Rolling Kitchen Chairs

Rolling chairs bring a versatile use adding free and easy movement while also protecting your floor from scratches. The designs come in a variety of frames, shapes and style in order to help you find the right choice for you.

Rolling Kitchen Leather Chair

rolling kitchen leather chairs

advanced woodwork

Vintage Kitchen Chair Designs

The vintage style can help you create a pleasant atmosphere in your kitchen that will look cheery even on the darkest days. The designs available, come in a variety of forms to choose from adding character in your kitchen area.

Vintage Wooden Kitchen Chair

vintage wooden kitchen chairs

Rustic Kitchen Chairs

In case your kitchen design is styled with rustic vibes then you have to follow it with rustic chair designs. These chairs incorporate wood and metal into fabulous designs that bring a raw undertone helping you enhance the space with style.

Black Rustic Kitchen Chair



Contemporary Kitchen Chairs

Adorn your kitchen with a contemporary chair design that has unique features. Choose a design that has artistic vibes and bright colors in order to add a strong element in your kitchen with vibrant pops of color for extra warmth.

Contemporary Wooden Kitchen Chair

contemporary kitchen chairs

Farmhouse Kitchen Chairs

The farmhouse style requires a traditional tone for the chairs along with sculptured elements to add a touch of décor. The designs can come in wood and metal allowing you to create a special design for your elegant farmhouse kitchen.

Antique Farmhouse Kitchen Chair

antique farmhouse kitchen chairs

Industrial Kitchen Chair Designs

Crisp lines, elegant curves and sturdy materials will give you the perfect industrial look for your kitchen. You can go for a simple design of a wooden chair or you can opt for a metallic frame for a cold undertone.

Rustic Industrial Kitchen Chair

rustic industrial kitchen chairs

Country Kitchen Chairs

Country designs can range from a straightforward style to a romantic vibe that will transform your kitchen instantly. You can find incredible country chair designs for our kitchen in many color options in order to find matching or similar design.

Wood Country Kitchen Chair

wood country kitchen chairs

Kitchen Wicker Chairs

The woven effect of the wicker furniture will bring a romantic touch to any room while it can be implemented in many different styles. From crisp modern to soft vintage you can find many chair designs for stunning kitchen designs.

Wood Wicker Kitchen Chair

wood wicker kitchen chairs

Small Kitchen Chair Designs

Even a small kitchen requires at least two chairs in order to look complete. You can choose simple designs that will accentuate the kitchen’s style. Make sure that the pieces aren’t bulky to avoid creating an overwhelming and stuffy kitchen.

Small Metal Kitchen Chair

small metal kitchen chairs

Marco Podrini

Small White Kitchen Chair

small white kitchen chair

In open plan kitchens, you can have the chairs in the same design as the dining room chairs. This will help you design your space with an even look while adding character. You can also go for matching style incorporating certain decorative features that are in common in both spaces.

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