Outdoor kitchens are about functionality, design and beauty. An outdoor kitchen allows you to enjoy some fresh air and sunlight not just while eating but also while cooking. Below you will find some awesome modern outdoor kitchen designs. You may also see outdoor kitchen bar ideas.

Mid Century Modern Outdoor Kitchen

mid century modern outdoor kitchen


This is a modern outdoor kitchen with a mid-century design featuring a modern steel gate, lighted cabinets, glass backsplash and also an outdoor BBQ area. The kitchen has an open concept design and two separate spaces, one for cooking and the other for dining.

Small Modern Outdoor Kitchen

small modern outdoor kitchen


This is a small and modern outdoor kitchen which is built in a contemporary deck which also consists of a pool and garden area. It has a tile backsplash that looks similar to concrete. It has a functional setting design and features a small pizza oven and gas grill.

Modern Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet

modern outdoor kitchen cabinet


This is a modern style kitchen with a traditional patio featuring kitchen cabinets in white. The kitchen features modern architectural details such as crown molding, art and craft trim and a blue ceiling. The design of this kitchen is simple yet highly functional and modern.

Modern Contemporary Outdoor Kitchen

modern contemporary outdoor kitchen


This is a modern contemporary outdoor kitchen featuring a large island with stainless steel cabinet doors. It features multiple eating areas and has enough volume, space and safety. It also allows a lot of natural air and light inside.

Modern Outdoor BBQ Kitchen

modern outdoor bbq kitchen


This is a contemporary and family-friendly outdoor kitchen, perfect for BBQ nights and parties. It features a built-in Barbeque grill and sink on the other side with faucets. It also features a dining area with colorful blue chairs, perfect for breakfast or lunch with the family.

White Modern Outdoor Kitchen

white modern outdoor kitchen


This is a contemporary design patio featuring a modern outdoor kitchen in all white interiors. The kitchen features a built in BBQ grill made of stainless steel and is fixed in the kitchen counter. The cabinet doors are made of oak wood having a horizontal pattern and complement well with the white interiors.

Modern Outdoor Kitchen with Pizza Oven

modern outdoor kitchen with pizza oven


This is a traditional patio with an outdoor kitchen which features a wood burning pizza oven grill, side burner, refrigerator, sink, trash chute, egg smoker etc. This is a traditional patio which is designed in a cottage style and has lovely dark woods used for the ceiling and backsplash.

Ultra Modern Outdoor Kitchen

ultra modern outdoor kitchen


This is a modern outdoor kitchen built in a traditional style featuring rustic interiors. It features dull beige cabinets, built-in grill in the island which also has burners and smokers in addition. It features a large faucet in a rectangular sink that sits in the counter.

Rustic Modern Outdoor Kitchen

rustic modern outdoor kitchen


This is a rustic modern outdoor kitchen with a countertop made of honed granite and wooden teak cabinetry. A neutral color palette is chosen for the décor of the kitchen to complement the inside of the house. It also ensures that the lush greenery of the outdoor space is highlighted. You may also see rustic outdoor bench designs.

Compact Modern Outdoor Kitchen Design

compact modern outdoor kitchen design


This is a compact modern outdoor kitchen design featuring cedar wood cabinets along with the built-in smoker, a seating area and a stone paver patio with fire pit. It features a large center dining table with chairs for the eat-outs with family.

Modern Terrace Outdoor Kitchen Design

modern terrace outdoor kitchen design

Design by Chicago Green Design Inc.

Modern Outdoor Kitchen Designs

modern outdoor kitchen designs


Renovation of Modern Outdoor Kitchen

renovation of modern outdoor kitchen


Hardwood Modern Outdoor Kitchen

hardwood modern outdoor kitchen


Small Modern Outdoor Kitchen Design

small modern outdoor kitchen design


Modern Outdoor Unique Kitchen

modern outdoor unique kitchen


Modern Outdoor Residence Kitchen

modern outdoor residence kitchen


Modern Outdoor Kitchen with Stainless Steel Door

modern outdoor kitchen with stainless steel door

Design by Ruhm Luxury Marketing

Lake Side Modern Outdoor Kitchen

lake side modern outdoor kitchen

Design by Napoleon Grills

Outdoor kitchens break the norm of cooking inside homes. In fact, they offer an exotic way of cooking outside the homes, amidst the greenery, air and sunlight. You could draw inspiration from the above awesome collection of Modern outdoor kitchen designs.

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