The beauty of adorning your outdoor space with elegant and practical furniture is really priceless. Bench designs are the ultimate pieces that will give you style as well as a functional space where you can you can spend some quality time with friends and family or even on your own. With a strong variety of designs to choose from, we have prepared a collection of outdoor bench designs to show you all the available options. You may also see Rustic Outdoor Bench Designs

Outdoor Storage Bench Designs

You can have the best of both worlds where style meets storage space. Incorporate a stylish design in your outdoor space that has a storage compartment that will allow you to store tools or accessories providing you comfort and practicality.

Outdoor Wooden Storage Bench Design

outdoor wooden storage bench design

Simple Outdoor Storage Bench

simple outdoor storage bench

Outdoor Wood Bench Designs

Wood is the number one material in outdoor furniture. It has elegant designs while adding a tone of warmth in the space. You will find well made designs with weather resistant qualities that will last you for years to come. You may also see Bedroom Bench Designs

Outdoor Landscape Wood Bench

outdoor landscape wood bench

Wallace Landscape Associates

Outdoor L Shaped Wood Bench

outdoor l shaped wood bench

Curved Outdoor Bench Ideas

If you want to make your space look special then you should consider curved bench designs. These designs are available in various shapes with soft curves and elegant lines that come in materials like wood, metal and plastic to choose. You may also see Modern Shower Bench Designs

Curved Corner Outdoor Bench

curved corner outdoor bench

Curved Stone Outdoor Bench

curved stone outdoor bench

Rustic Outdoor Bench Designs

Bring some rusticity in your space with a stylish rustic bench design. These benches can give you a compact design adding a rough look in your outdoor space. Available in wooden designs with added features like back or armrests for comfort. You may also see Rustic Bench Designs

Rustic Outdoor Patio Bench

rustic outdoor patio bench

Cool Rustic Outdoor Bench

cool rustic outdoor bench

Diy Outdoor Benches

Creating something on your own will give you the pleasure of creation. You can choose the appropriate height and then use concrete blocks to use for the base while you can insert wood slats through them to create the seat.

Diy Wooden Outdoor Bench

diy wooden outdoor bench

Best Diy Outdoor Bench

best diy outdoor bench

Outdoor Metal Bench Designs

A metal design is capable to give you many styles to help you create a pleasant space. From strict minimalistic designs to vintage pieces, the variety is big enough that you will find exactly what you need to fit your needs.

Modern Outdoor Metal Bench

modern outdoor metal bench

Outdoor Fire Pit Bench Ideas

You can choose a combination of materials in order to give a unique design in your fire pit space. Surround your fire pit with elegant designs of wood and concrete that have comfortable seats and can be accessorized with cushions.

Outdoor Stone Firepit Bench

outdoor stone firepit bench

Outdoor Garden Benches

If your garden is designed after a certain theme then you should consider maintaining it with a similar styled bench. You can choose a beautiful bench with decorative elements or in a mix of materials to add some extra character.

Unique Outdoor Garden Bench

unique outdoor garden bench

Modern Outdoor Benches

Modern spaces require style as well personality. You can have both with a well designed bench with simple lines and curves. You can go for a bench that has decorative elements in order to embellish your space with modern décor.

Modern Outdoor Concrete Bench

modern outdoor concrete bench

Outdoor Kitchen Bench Ideas

In an outdoor kitchen you can incorporate various materials in order to amplify its style. The benches come in materials like metal, concrete and wood allowing you to find the one that fits your needs while accentuating your kitchen’s design.

Outdoor Kitchen Stone Bench

outdoor kitchen stone bench

Outdoor Stone Bench Designs

Stone benches have a classic look that can add a feeling straight from the old world. These designs have a sturdy look however you have to choose a design with weather resistant qualities. You can also find them matched with other material.

Rustic Outdoor Stone Bench

rustic outdoor stone bench

Outdoor Brick Bench Designs

Brick benches will bring character in your outdoor space along with a sturdy design that will last you for years. These benches can be easily built in your backyard while you can mix in other materials too like wood and metal.

Contemporary Outdoor Brick Bench

contemporary outdoor brick bench

Small Outdoor Benches

A small bench should be able to seat comfortably two people. You can find them in many different materials like wood, metal and concrete. Depending on the space’s design you should be able to accessorize accordingly with cushions and pillows.

Simple Small Outdoor Bench

simple small outdoor bench

Outdoor Deck Benches

Most homeowners choose a matching material with their deck in order to create an even look. You can choose a design to match the deck’s flooring or you can bring a stylish contrast by simply choosing something a little more elaborate.

Outdoor Deck Bench with Cushions

outdoor deck bench with cushions

Laura Garner Design

Outdoor Concrete Benches

Concrete is a hard material that will allow you to add a sophisticated tone in your outdoor space. These benches can come with many different designs as well as in combinations with materials like wood bringing you the most extraordinary benches.

Contemporary Outdoor Concrete Bench

contemporary outdoor concrete bench

Liz Stewart Design

You can consider creating your outdoor space with all the aspects that appeal to your personal tastes. This will allow you to personalize this space with outdoor furniture as well as with accessories that will add a touch of character, pops of color and a strong combination of glamorous design.

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