Furniture designs extend to the outdoor spaces too. There are many different designs that can cover everyone’s needs regarding their style and size. You can transform an awkward patio into an amazing and relaxing place that you can entertain friends and family any time of the year. If you are on the lookout for some fresh ideas to inspire your patio design then keep on reading for our collection of amazing 20+ patio furniture designs.

Outdoor Patio Furniture Designs

For your outdoor patio furniture you can choose from a huge variety in designs, styles and materials. You can go for patio furniture in metallic frame or you can go for wooden structures that look elegant and classic however they are more expensive while plastic designs are more affordable choices.

Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture

outdoor wicker patio furniture1

Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design

Modern Outdoor Patio Furniture

modern outdoor patio furniture1

Design by Mark Brand Architecture

Outdoor Wood Patio Furniture

outdoor wood patio furniture

Garden Studio Design

Pallet Patio Furniture Designs

As an affordable choice, you can decide on pallet patio furniture. You can find them in low prices while you can style them with seat cushions and pillows of your choice. From armchairs to sofas and from side tables to benches you can create the most incredible syntheses with pallets.

Diy Pallet Patio Furniture

diy pallet patio furniture

Pallet Wood Patio Furniture

pallet wood patio furniture

Modern Patio Furniture Designs

Choose a simple design for a modern patio. You can have a sofa with crisp and orthogonal structure that you can style with pillows in the minimalist approach. Wood and metal are the most common materials for modern patio furniture however you can find bamboo designs that will look perfect.

Modern Teak Patio Furniture

modern teak patio furniture

Modern Wicker Patio Furniture

modern wicker patio furniture

Small Patio Furniture Designs

Smart furniture is going to be your biggest ally for a small patio. Choose a set of table and chairs in a metallic material in order to make your patio look spacious. You can style the space with soft pillows in vibrant colors or with floor lamps for the glamorous effect.

Small Sectional Patio Furniture

small sectional patio furniture

Small Outdoor Patio Furniture

small outdoor patio furniture

Vintage Patio Furniture Designs

The combination of metal furniture with soft pillows and cushions in the most charming setting for a vintage patio. You can find amazing designs with a classic look and excellent quality that will make your patio look dreamy.

Vintage Metal Patio Furniture

vintage metal patio furniture

Vintage Outdoor Patio Furniture

vintage outdoor patio furniture1

Rustic Patio Furniture Designs

Wood will be your best friend for a rustic patio design. You can have a dining table with benches in rustic style. The visible grains will look natural and raw bring out the most magnificent setting. You can always tone down the rawness with soft vibrant pillows and other accessories.

Rustic Wooden Patio Furniture

rustic wooden patio furniture

Design by On Site Management

Modern Rustic Patio Furniture

modern rustic patio furniture

Contemporary Patio Furniture Designs

Contemporary designs comprise of comfortable sets with a modern touch that are suitable for everyone. You can easily recreate a contemporary patio design with a built-in sofa design that you can style with comfortable cushions in neutral styles and matching throw blankets.

Contemporary Wood Patio Furniture

contemporary wood patio furniture

Contemporary Wicker Patio Furniture

contemporary wicker patio furniture

Patio Bar Furniture Designs

If the space is big enough then you can add a bar patio set. These designs come with furniture that provides storage space for drinks while the bar stools come in a variety of comfortable and stylish designs. Choose a lightweight and easy to move bar set for versatile use.

Rustic Patio Bar Furniture

rustic patio bar furniture

Photo by Shoot2Sell

Outdoor Patio Bar Furniture

outdoor patio bar furniture1

Design by Overstream Landscaping & Irrigation

Luxury Patio Furniture Designs

For a luxurious look, you can decide on patio furniture set in wood. This material looks classic and when combined with rich textures it can bring out a glamorous and elegant look. You will find them in many variations and wood types that you can style accordingly.

Luxury Rattan Patio Furniture

luxury rattan patio furniture

MB Design & Build

Luxury Metal Patio Furniture

luxury metal patio furniture

R Johnston Interior Design

Pool Patio Furniture Designs

A set of comfortable chaise longs along with a glamorous coffee table will help you create the most incredible pool patio designs. Complete the look with a matching umbrella in order to provide shading. The pool patio would look amazing with a bar design too.

Contemporary Pool Patio Furniture

contemporary pool patio furniture

Pool Patio Wicker Furniture

pool patio wicker furniture

Design by The Garden Route Company

Patio Sectional Furniture Designs

Sectional furniture allows you to arrange them in every possible way. You can have a different look every day, with a set of sectional sofa designs. These designs come in a great variety of styles and color combinations providing you with endless options to style your patio.

Round Sectional Patio Furniture

round sectional patio furniture

Design by All Oregon Landscaping Inc

Modern Sectional Patio Furniture

modern sectional patio furniture

Kim Bartley Design

Apartment Patio Furniture Designs

If your apartment has a patio space then you should definitely take advantage of the space in order to create a serene and stylish place that you can entertain your friends and family. You have to consider the size of the available space in order to choose the right furniture.

Apartment Balcony Patio Furniture

apartment balcony patio furniture

Small Apartment Patio Furniture

small apartment patio furniture

L Shaped Patio Furniture Designs

Create the most comfortable corner with an L-shaped patio sofa. These designs provide you with ample seats in order to entertain comfortably more people at once and they are suitable for every patio space even for apartments. Choose the right piece according to the patio’s dimensions.

L-Shaped Wicker Patio Furniture

l shaped wicker patio furniture

L Shaped Outdoor Patio Furniture

l shaped outdoor patio furniture

Design by Envision Landscape Studio

Concrete L Shaped Patio Furniture

concrete l shaped patio furniture

Liz Stewart Design

Wicker Patio Furniture Designs

Wicker patio furniture is classic and suitable for every style you might want for your patio. From vintage to modern you can find them in a great variety of designs and styles that will allow you to style your patio with elegant furniture. These designs come in wonderful multisets.

Wicker Sectional Patio Furniture

wicker sectional patio furniture

Johnson Design Inc

White Wicker Patio Furniture

white wicker patio furniture

Photo by Brough Schamp

Backyard Patio Furniture Designs

Backyards are usually more isolated allowing you more privacy. You can design your backyard patio with a set of furniture in matching colors and materials adding pops of color with pillows and rugs. You can add a stylish pergola for a classic and elegant effect while providing shade.

Small Backyard Patio Furniture

small backyard patio furniture

Simple Backyard Patio Furniture

simple backyard patio furniture

Diy Patio Furniture Designs

You can find amazing and unique ideas all across the web for DIY patio furniture. From simple coffee tables to L-shaped sofa designs you will find everything you need with detailed and easy to follow guides. This is a great way to repurpose old furniture and materials.

Diy Wood Patio Furniture

diy wood patio furniture

Front Patio Furniture Designs

A front patio needs to be stylish and in accordance to the general style of your house. Choose elegant and glamorous designs to add character. Style the patio with charming pillows and rugs while you can add a pergola structure to hang curtains for a soft setting.

Front Yard Patio Furniture

front yard patio furniture

Photo by Mary Prince

Front Porch Patio Furniture

front porch patio furniture

Traditional Front Patio Furniture

traditional front patio furniture

Design by Sennikoff Architects Inc

Corner Patio Furniture Designs

If your patio has an orthogonal shape then you can find amazing corner patio furniture to furnish the space. There is a huge variety of corner sofas in different designs and styles that you will find in sturdy structures.

Small Corner Patio Furniture

small corner patio furniture

Hampstead Garden Design

Corner Sectional Patio Furniture

corner sectional patio furniture

Photo by Ben Gebo

Concrete Patio Furniture Designs

Concrete furniture is heavy and difficult to move around. However, they are great options for those that want weather-resistant furniture. Concrete is perfect for modern and contemporary designs while you can style it with soft and comfortable cushions.

Concrete Block Patio Furniture

concrete block patio furniture

Design by Ridge Creek Custom Homes

Outdoor Concrete Patio Furniture

outdoor concrete patio furniture

Photo by Jim Schmid

In order to decorate your patio, you need to start from the layout. Arrange the furniture in a comfortable alignment and use decorative accessories to style it. Pillows, flower pots and rugs can make your patio charming. Patio furniture has the advantage of giving you extra seating space for entertaining your guests. Additionally, this furniture is made of sturdy materials that make them resistant to weather conditions ensuring that they’ll maintain their quality for years.

You can choose many different designs for a mix and match setting or you can go for a patio furniture set that will give a consistent look. Don’t be afraid of adding bright colors. You can style your patio in every design you might like, creating the most wonderful space.

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