Patios are an incredible way to make your outdoor space more useful and aesthetic. Well, it can range from a simple paved garden area to an extravagant wooden decked seating. The arrangement you go for really depends upon the availability of space, the budget at your disposal and the theme you would like to create. Adding Asian elements to patio spaces can in particular create a very serene and calm outdoor space that you can enjoy both alone and with anyone for company. Well, here are some ideas you should be checking out!

Modern Asian Patio Design

modern asian patio design

In this example, you will particularly notice how indoor elements have been excitingly blended into the natural environment. Wooden decks and earthy furniture both provide a subtle look and a unique space for recluse. Whether it’s a private party or just a romantic gossip, this is the perfect space for it.

Asian Style Wooden Patio

asian style wooden patio

Now, this is really an elaborate but unique way to create a patio space. It will be a perfect idea if you don’t have too much of an outdoor space but are willing to make things extravagant. The wooden deck covers most of the garden space and the remaining area is allotted to water channels and small bushes. Put on some chairs or just lie down on the floorboards! Even your kids and pets will love this setting.

Asian Concrete Patio Design

asian concrete patio design

Concrete patio spaces look more modernistic but offer the advantage of permanent establishments that require minimal maintenance. If you have calm outdoors and a neighborhood that keeps off your property limits, this could be fun. You can also see Patio and Outdoor Designs

Asian Patio Furniture Design Idea

asian patio furniture design idea

Patios are supposed to be natural retreats that provide the comforts of the indoors but bring along a rustic charm to it. Well, this is best complimented by furniture made of natural materials. Wooden chairs and stone tables would be a perfect combination. You can also choose textiles that portray an earthly charm. You can also see Stamped Patio Designs

Small Asian Inspired Patio

small asian inspired patio

Asian décor is the most peaceful of layouts. A statue of praying Buddha perfectly befits the setting. Go for materials that come directly for nature, including wood, stones and a lot of greenery.

Stone Asian Patio Designs

stone asian patio designs

A stone arrangement for the patio space, as showcased in this example would certainly be an extravagant idea. It not only brings in a highly rustic and sophisticated charm but also promotes a serene mood.

Interlocking Asian Patio Idea

interlocking asian patio idea

If you have a rather bigger outdoor space, you might want to create a balance in the use of man-made and natural space. Use pavements in sync with the garden space and come out with an unhindered landscaping.

Vintage Asian Outdoor Patio

vintage asian outdoor patio

Vintage patio spaces demand a mix of style and sensuality. The main elements here would include a rustic outdoor fireplace, natural materials for furniture and ambient lighting using antique styled lamps. Make sure that the setting is perfectly complimented by plantations.

Asian Style Backyard Patio

asian style backyard patio

In this example, we see how a backyard has been completely transformed into an exotic space using a strategic layout. Divide the patio into various functional spaces to add more personality to your outdoors.

Traditional Asian Patio Idea

traditional asian patio idea

Asian patio designs always have a rustic charm to them. If you are looking to achieve a traditional setting, use a lot of natural elements and minimalistic décor to spice up the space. You might even want to create water bodies and similar natural landscapes around.

Rustic Asian Patio Idea

rustic asian patio idea

Mediterranean Asian Patio Design

mediterranean asian patio design

Exterior Asian Concrete Patio Design

exterior asian concrete patio design

Asian Patio Design

asian patio design

Traditional Small Asian Scale Patio

traditional small asian scale patio

Asian Covered Patio Design

asian covered patio design

Decorative Asian Concrete Patio

decorative asian concrete patio

We certainly hope that these examples have been able to give you new ideas and cues about your own patio space. Be it a contemporary patio or a traditional stone patio design, the basic idea lies in creating a private setting. Do share what you finally achieve.

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