You may be too passionate about housing, and when you look forward to designing the outdoor areas, one of the most important places turn out to be patios. These are the areas which people find charming, and they can estimate your taste and class by glancing over the patios. There are a number of themes which can be used to design the patios. Here are ten classy patio designs and you will get some classy concepts from the ideas we present you with.

Wood Stamped Patio Idea

wood stamped patio idea

You may love to have a green stretch adjoining your house, and a concrete patio at the entrance. This is one of the best stamped concrete patio patterns that you may avail. With the green turf growing around the house, you will find it really wonderful. Get some wooden furniture on the patio to complete the look.

Stamped Concrete Patio

stamped concrete patio

Get in touch with some of the best stamped concrete patio colors when you have a gorgeous patio with a stone finish. You may like to design a fireplace in the centre and place necessary furniture on the patio. This setting goes well with white finish in the walls fitted with black glass.

Brick Stamped Concrete Patio

brick stamped concrete patio

This is a traditional patio with flowers and plants growing all around, making it look more like a well lanscaped garden. The brick-finish along the walkway looks beautifully incorporated with the vintage-styled benches, grey in colour.  Wooden finish can also deliver a fashionable look.

Stamped Cement Patio

stamped cement patio

Country by Design

One of the ideas to implement the cobblestone stamp patio design is to get a cement patio, narrow at the beginning, and broad towards the end. The marvellous look of the patio can be boosted up by placing matching furniture in the patio. This setting goes well with spacious lawns with lots of green spaces around.

Stamped Concrete Patio Floors

stamped concrete patio floors

This setting looks like the cobblestone idea too, but there is enough space to accommodate several tables and chairs at certain distances. The arch-like path can be glorified in looks when you make space for classy borders made of bricks or pavers. Altogether this is a great look for your patio.

Colored Stamped Patio Decor

colored stamped patio decor

Kikuchi + Kankel Design Group

This patio really delivers a magnificient look to your house. The perfect finish to a royal cottage like home lies in the reddish-brown concrete. The stone finish can be further beautified by planting a few flowering plants by the borders. Arrange for some stone-themed designs to make your patio bask in glory.

Stamped Concrete Backyard Patio

stamped concrete backyard patio

Designed By : Kaufman Construction Design and Build

When you wish to have a luxurious patio at the backyard, you can incorporate the idea of a swimming pool. Around it, place some rock-themed designs. With crystalline water in the centre, your home will get the best finish with the garden-type patio

Stamped Concrete Porch Patio

stamped concrete porch patio

Luxury and elegance are what you find in this particular patio. A spacious area with perfectly-designed sheds and sitting arrangements is what you need. Apart from the little waterbody in the middle, the concrete-finish of the floors will bring out the optimum beauty.

Patio Concrete Stamping Mats

patio concrete stamping mats

mark pinkerton - vi360 photography

When you have enough space by the side of your home, you can opt for this particular variation of the patios. Plant orchids and garden-type decorative plants by the sides to bump up the looks. This is one of the best patio ideas, considering the sleekness.

Stamped Concrete Patio Deck

stamped concrete patio deck

With the stamped driveway idea delivering showers of luxury, you can get a royal patio design. Smart glass finished walls and the grey-themed color enveloping the place is all you need when you wish to get a great look for the outdoors. Make sitting arrangements with white cushions and comfortable decks.

Stamped Patio with Round Table

stamped partio with round table

Bright Colorful Stamped Patio

bright colorful stamped patio

Flagstone stamped concrete patio

flagstone stamped concrete patio

Round Stamped Stone Patio

round stamped stone patio

Swiss Village Concrete Ltd

Stamped Patio with Sofa

stamped patio with sofa

Rustic Step Stamped Patio

rustic step stamped patio

Vintage Stamped Patio with Pedestal Table

vintage stemped patio with pedestal table

Tropical Stamped Patio With Swimming Fool

tropical stemped patio with swimmimg fool

Spacious Stamped Patio

spacious stamped patio

CF Landscape & Concrete

Traditional Big Tile Stamped

traditional big tile stamped

Gray Designed Stamped

gray designed stamped

Designed By : Lloyd Architects

There are a lot of other patio ideas, but you need to get in touch with some of these themes to make  your house get a taste of royal bliss. Apart from these, there are other themes as well, and you can  share your ideas with us, if you have any.

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