The leather hats made in various styles and colors are loved by everyone. Especially men, they love to complete their jeans and leather jacket outfit with a leather cap. The young girls and women love their leather hats which match their party wear outfits. Leather hats are also essential for summer outings, beach outings, safari outings etc. With many celebrities wearing the leather hats on and off screen, they are always a favorite and a collectible item for many. The hippie hats are the ones trending now.

The specialty of the leather hat is that it can change a simple outfit to one that gets everyone’s attention.

Leather Bucket Hat

leather bucket hat

This trendy reversible summer hat is handmade from quality canvas material. This hat with palm trees and the faux leather edge can be worn by anyone to have fun on the beach, a summer outing or to have fun in safari. You may also See Monogram Hat Designs

Leather Cowboy Hat

leather cowboy hat


This leather cowboy hat in light brown is a must-have in any woman’s closet. This cowboy hat goes well with a designer outfit or a casual outfit. This hat has some charm which makes it lovable by anyone. Girls! come on get one for yourself!

Leather Baseball Hat

leather baseball hat

This vintage leather baseball hat is a unique one from Sturgis 1995 edition. This vintage baseball hat can be worn with a jeans and t-shirt combo for a baseball match or to hang out with friends.

Hippie Leather Hat

hippie leather hat


This dark brown hippie leather hat has a sophisticated look that makes anyone look trendy. This is a good match for a casual outfit or formal outfit. This unisex hat with its fine design is sure to make anyone look stylish.

Quilted Leather Hat

quilted leather hat

This beautiful brown quilted hat made from garment leather is a statement piece which has a secret pocket. This leather hat from Burgundy has a top quilted with diamond design. This hat has an appearance in an English movie too. This stylish hat is a unisex hat which matches with any outfit.

Vintage Leather Hat Model

vintage leather hat model


This fabulous leather hat in vintage looks is attractive with its features resembling a bird with rider spectacles on it. This incredible leather hat in blue color is a perfect match for leather t-shirts, leather pants, jeans etc.

Leather Tricorn Hat Design

leather tricorn hat design

This lady, with her pirate outfit and leather tricorn pirate hat, looks fascinating. This pirate hat with curves is made from genuine leather and finished with feathers to give it a sexy look. This hat with pirate outfit is the best combination for a Halloween party or a prom party.

Awesome Leather Hat

awesome leather hat


Fashion Leather Hat

fashion leather hat

Summer Leather Hat Idea

summer leather hat idea


Goth Style Leather Hat

goth style leather hat

Couple Leather Hat Idea

couple leather hat idea


Thunderbird Leather Hat

thunderbird leather hat

Feather Leather Hat

feather leather hat


Retro Leather Hat

retro leather hat


Stitched Leather Hat

stitched leather hat


The leather hats are an accessory which comes handy to change a normal outfit to something extraordinary and special. The feather hats are also trendy along with the leather hats.

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