Hats are useful lifestyle accessories that can mould the looks of individuals. Fashion lovers as well as people with traditional dressing senses customise their hats, based upon various specifications. While some people look out for hats as a measure for protecting their heads form heat, injury or cold, others simply upgrade their looks by wearing a hat. Here are twenty popular Hat Designs For Men and you can pick the one that match your appearance.

Baseball Hat Designs For Men

Baseball hats have brim only in the front, so as to protect shade and protection to the eye. The bris is generally downward sloping and flexible. The top of the hat is rounded and these are available across various materials like leather, felt and so on.

Men’s Floral Baseball Hat Design


Vintage Baseball Hat for Men

Animal Print Hats For Men

Animal print hats are popular among fashion lovers. These are mostly available in black and yellow prints. The brims are adjustable and the top of the hat may be flat or rounded. There are modern features like chains in selected hats.

Leopard Print Hat Design for Men

Men’s Animal Print Floppy Hat

Camo Hat Designs For Men

These hats have a large rounded top and a flat brim. The brims are comparatively shorter than other varieties of hats. These hats are generally available in dark shades and go well with coats. Contemporary designs like alphabets and symbols are sometimes incorporated in these hats.

Polka Dot Hat Designs For Men

When you try to live up to the best of fashion, polka dot hats are one of the best choices. The size, density and colour of dots are greatly variable. You can also buy dotted hats made of fur. In this case, you need to wear woollen clothes.

Men’s Polka Dot Baseball Hat

Blue Polka Dot Hat Design for Men

Bling Hats For Men

These hats are perfect in symmetry and balance. If you have a preference for hats that come in solid colours, this may be your choice. The brim is stiff and cover the front side of the face, in a semicircle. Some hats have slightly bent brims.

Designer Bucket Hats For Men

Designer bucket hats, as you can guess from the nomenclature, are shaped like inverted buckets and cover a large area of your forehead. These are fashionable hats and come with shiny exteriors. You may opt felt, leather or artificial materials when you buy these hats.

Men’s Floppy Bucket Hat

Floral Bucket Hat for Men

Designer Beanie Hats For Men

These dressing accessories look less like hats and more like caps. These are sleek and do not have the brim at all. If you want textured hats, these may turn out to be your cup of tea. There are horizontal stripes in most of these hats and are made of soft fabric.

Men’s Grey Beanie Hat Design

Men’s Black Beanie Hat

Designer Long Beanie Hat for Men


Men’s Flat Hats

These are comparatively new to the trend and look like blended caps and hats. The most striking feature is that the brim is modified in such a way that it looks like an extended top area. There is a projection above the eyes, and look sophisticated when you pick solid colours.

Men’s Summer Flat Hat


Men’s Hippie Hat Designs

Hippie hats are somewhat similar to beanie hats. However, a selected category of hippie hats may have a modified brim. They are fashionable, rather than utility hats. The brims are flat and cover the forehead. You need to choose dark colours when you avail these hats.

Hippie Bucket Hat Design for Men

Plaid Hat Designs

The criss-cross design of these hats is the primary element of attraction. The brim is thin and flat, and there is a contrasting colour variation between the brim and stripes. The top portion is rounded and this hat goes well with tall men.

Red Plaid Hats for Men

Men’s Plaid Baseball Hat


Men’s Flapper Hats

These hats look old-fashioned yet elegant. The top area is large and high. The brim is comparatively thick and stiff. It is slightly bent towards the eyes. The edges of the brim are curved upwards. Flapper hats look beautiful with dark attires.

Vintage Flapper Hat for Men

Men’s Embroidered Hat Designs

Embroidered hats are available across all shapes and design variations. There are different types of embroidery work, ranging from alphabets to symbols that are stitched into these hats. You need to choose the hats that have a good colour contrast in the embroidery fabric.

Men’s Embroidered Baseball Hat

Trucker Hats For Men

Tucker hats are mostly used by sportspersons. These are featured by a lighter top and darker brim. The brims are slightly bent forward and cover a considerably large area of the forehead. They cover mostly the front portion of the head and there is no brim at the backside.

Men’s Floral Trucker Hat


Funny Trucker Hat for Men

Men’s Summer Hat Designs

Sumer design hats are sleek, sophisticated and are featured by light colours. These are available across various materials, like straw, fabric and leather. They have short brims and sometimes these are bent at the sides.

Men’s Summer Straw Hat


Beach Hats For Men

Beach hats are mostly textured and are made of thick materials. People prefer light colours when they buy these hats. There are horizontal stripes close to the brims. The brims are flexible and you can adjust the tilt. They provide considerable protection to the eyes from sunrays.

Beach Bucket Hat for Men


Floppy Beach Hat for Men

Beach Wedding Hat for Men

Fur Hats For Men

Fur hats are fashionable and do not have any brim at all. These are customised for people living in cold countries. However, you may use them as fashion accessories as well. These hats cover a large portion of the face and the sides are extended and rolled out right up to the throat.

Mens Faux Fur Hat


Men’s Winter Fur Hat Design

Snapback Hat Designs For Men

These hats look like typical caps and there is a considerable variation in the shape of the brim. The tops are rounded and the brims may be stiff, rounded, flat or flexible. These hats offer a wide range of customisation when you plan to buy one.

Vintage Men’s Snapback Hat Design


Leather Hats For Men

Leather hats are shiny and elegant in look. These are used for professional purposes, but with the incorporation of modern traits in the hats, you can categories them as fashion accessories as well. there are additional leather stripes in a selected collection of these hats.

Men’s Wide Brim Leather Hat

Casual Hat Designs For Men

Causal hats show a wide degree of variation in colour and design. You need to make these hats as compatible as possible when you dress up. So, look into the inclination of the brim, the bends at the edges and the thickness of the brim when you avail these hats.

Men’s Casual Top Hat

Mesh Hats For Men

Mesh hats deliver a cultured look to people wearing them. The right choice of these hats, based on the thickness and density of the stripes makes it look elegant. Sometimes alphabets are incorporated within the meshwork to make them look refined.

Men’s Mesh Trucker Hat


Hats have a variety of uses. Apart from protecting the head, a hat also provides shade to your eyes. If you are walking or driving in the sun, you will find it useful. Coming to looks, it is fashionable indeed and adds colour to the attire. You can camouflage your approach or conceal your expression when you wear hats. It also comes beneficial if you are bald and want to hide it from the world. Altogether, when you make your hat compatible with your outfit, you get a refined look altogether.

You can use artificial fibre to make the top of your hat fluffy, resembling petals of flowers.Paper hats can also be made unique. You can craft papers to spikes and incorporate them in your hat.Cowboy hats can be modified with a modern touch or colourful papers to produce unique designs.

When you try to match up with a particular hat, you need to get a matching outfit at the outset. This includes the choice of colour, texture and overall appearance of the hat. Next, you need to have a specific purpose at the back of your mind when you choose a particular hat. People love to buy unique hats that go well with their appearance. There are several other innovative hat designs, apart from the ones presented here. If you have unique Hat Designs For Men ideas, you can share them with us.

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