Hippie hats are among the most influential elements for embracing the hippie lifestyle. While the 60s and 70s fashion style were made of bright colored outfits, if you prefer a subtle option then go for a polka dot hat design that will still add a hippie vibe to your outfit. Always opt for a hippie hat that you can pair with any outfit. Whether floppy or canvas brimmed, there’s a hippie hat that will flatter your face.

Floppy Hippie Hat

floppy hippie hat

Floppy hats are a must have when it comes to the hippie trend. The mixing of ethnic ribbons, light gray, and blue edging makes this fringe hat ideal for summer. The white color will match any color outfit. You may also see Floral Hat Designs

If vintage outfits are more your style, then this vintage hippie hat design is perfect for you. The braided ribbon gives this hat a fun and stylish look while the leather material ensures durability.

Crochet Hippie Hat

crochet hippie hat

Teenagers who love portraying their fashion style through hats can add this beautiful crochet hippie hat to their wardrobes. It’s handmade with quality acrylic and wool yarn using many coordinating colors to fit your fashion style and preference.

Modern Hippie Hat

modern hippie hat

This handmade modern hippie hat is ideal for any lady who wants to capture the hippie lifestyle. Made from 100% cotton, this hat comes in a one size fits all to make it easier for any woman to wear it comfortably.

Leather Hippie Hat

leather hippie hat


Embrace the 70s fashion trend by opting for this distressed leather hippie hat. It’s available in a brown color that will compliment any hair color and outfit. Ladies can wear this hat when attending a barbecue or going out for a movie.

Hippie Bucket Hat Model

hippie bucket hat model


Wear this hippie bucket model hat on a vacation, when going grocery shopping or during summer. The vibrant pink color and bold pattern in this hippie hat will ensure that you stand out from the crowd and look beautiful.

Hippie Cowboy Hat

hippie cowboy hat

Men who love western movies, 1970s look or Indiana Jones can opt to wear this hippie cowboy hat to show their style and masculinity. The embroidered band and leather material in this attractive hat show class and elegance.

Hippie Beanie Hat

hippie beanie hat

Suitable for teenagers and young adults, this hippie beanie hat is cool yet chic. The lightweight material ensures that you can wear this cute hat every day without feeling tired. The tie and dye colors will make any outfit look vibrant.

Suitable for people who love taking fashion risks, this Boho hippie hat design will make your head the center of attention. The black feathers give it a mysterious meaning while the red and white fabric makes this feather hat stand out.

Suede Hippie Hat Idea

suede hippie hat idea

Capture the spirit of the 70s with this cute suede hippie hat. The silver studs give this hat an elegant look while the brown color makes it easier to match this floppy hat with vibrant casual outfits. You may also see Polka Dot Hat Designs

Colorful Hippie Hat Design

colorful hippie hat design


Black Hippie Hat Idea

black hippie hat idea


Stylish Hippie Hat Design

stylish hippie hat design


Handmade Hippie Hat

handmade hippie hat


Wide Brim Hippie Hat

wide brim hippie hat


Hippie Hat for Men

hippie hat for men


Hippie Straw Hat Design

hippie straw hat design

Hippie Wool Hat Idea

hippie wool hat idea1

White Hippie Hat

white hippie hat

How to wear hippie hats?

To wear like a hippie means choosing outfits that speak the loudest and hats can help you do just that. Choose a wide-brimmed hat that is versatile enough to pair with any outfit. Women can go for tie and dye patterns while men can choose hippie cowboy hats with a leather material.

What makes hippie hats a fashion trend?

Most hippie hats are handmade using cotton or leather materials and they flatter all face shapes. They also come in both bold and subtle colors to fit any casual occasion. When it comes to hippie trend, go for hippie hats that you can pair with any casual outfit.

The hippie fashion trends that were common during the 60s and 70s still influence people around the world today. Hats such as floppy, panama, straw and floral hats were a major staple of the hippie trend. You too can embrace the hippie vibe by opting to wear one of these beautiful hippie hats.

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