Korean Beauty Trends of 2016

Korean beauty trends were one of the biggest trends of 2015 as beauty lovers embraced the CC creams and sheet masks which started from Asia’s most innovative cosmetics capital. The trend is set to grow even stronger in 2016 as B-Beauty shops are partnering with Macys. Cushion foundation uses a spongy formula that is applied to the face with a pillow for an easy, flawless coverage. French brand, Lancôme carried its inspiration and followed with the successful Miracle Cushion formula to its spring 2016 collection.

Beautiful Korean

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Korean Contouring transformed as the ideal face shape many Korean women desire is a soft, oval with a dainty chin that is known as the V-line. This look can be achieved by highlighting the center area of the face by using concealer under the eyes and adding shimmery tints down cupid’s brown, the chin and bridge of the nose, then shading the perimeter to make it appeal smaller. Fair Korean

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With the increasing limited water resources, many brands are looking for alternatives to experiment as the water-free skin care lines appeared when Korean band Whamisa’s collection which uses essential oils and plant extracts to hydrate the skin. Mask cocktails, as known as multi-tasking, is common in South Korean as mask are more of habitual skin care maintenance rather than a rescue product for imperfections. Dried seaweed is a must-have ingredient as it contains an unusually high concentration of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants.

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