If you think spending a few hundred dollars for a beauty product is too much, then, we would like to begin the post by apologizing beforehand as we are certainly going to burst your bubble today. We are confident that after seeing the price tag of the below listed 9 beauty products, you would not feel that disappointed and sad in spending a $100 on your next makeup purchase.

1. Cellular Cream Platinum Rare by La Prairie

cellular cream platinum rare

Well, the very name La Prairie will tell you that the product is ultra luxurious. This anti aging skin care cream launched by the Switzerland brand is infused with precious platinum. At a price of $1150 for 50 milliliters, you are absolutely right to hope and think that the product will transform you into a Victoria’s Secret model.

2. Orchidée Impériale – The Cure 3rd Generation’ Treatment

the cure 3rd generation treatment

The Cure 3rd Generation’ Treatment by Guerlain contains 15-milliliter vials designed to be used over 28 days at a cost of $1,550. Guerlain recommends using the treatment twice a year which equals to $3000 for just 56 days worth of product. If you have surplus money lying around, this is one ‘beautiful’ way to get it over with.

3. Kiss Kiss Gold & Diamond Lipstick by Guerlain

guerlains kiss kiss gold

How far would you go to buy an expensive pair of lipstick? If your answer is $62000, this 18-carat yellow gold tube of lipstick encrusted with 200 diamonds is just for you. The lipstick by Guerlain is limited edition and available for purchase only on appointment. The lipstick was launched in 2007 and it comes with one free color refill and a lip brush. (It is definitely the very very least they could do for a price that is equivalent to a down payment on a house)

4. Essie, I Do Platinum Nail Polish

essie i do platinum nail polish

Drugstore favorite brand Essie in collaboration with Allure Magazine launched I Do in 2005. The most expensive nail polish consisted of pure platinum powder that was packed in the limited edition bottle at a whopping price of $55,000.

5. Models Own Gold Rush Nail Polish

models own gold rush nail polish

In 2010, drugstore beauty brand Models Own launched a “couture” variety of its $8 Gold Rush nail polish. The formula might be similar to the regular drugstore polishes, but this couture gold rush nail polish comes for an extra $129,992. The bottle of the polish is decked with 1,118 diamonds and a handmade yellow gold lid.

6. Starlight Nail Polish Lacquer by Christian Louboutin

christian louboutin starlight nail polish lacquer

After seeing this you won’t mind paying $50 for one bottle of Christian Louboutin nail polish. Back in 2014, the brand came up with a limited-edition Starlight polish which features 1,500 hand-applied crystals and a fancy box. Part of the holiday collection, the nail polish is priced at a $675 and it is still available at Sephora website.

7. No. 1 for Women by Clive Christian

clive christian no

Well, it is not the most expensive perfume in the world, but at $880 it comes quite close. We cannot tell you the exact reason why the perfume costs this much, but the bottle certainly looks like it belongs in a museum.

8. Swarovski Tweezer

swarovski tweezer

We would like to begin by saying, it is a fairly reasonable product on the list, but like all it is still overpriced. If you are willing to go the extra mile for the love of brows, you can opt for this Swarovski crystal-embellished tweezer at a price of $100.

9. H. Couture Beauty Mascara


H. Couture Beauty is a discontinued cosmetics company established by Taysha Smith Valez in 2006. Originally responsible for mascara in a tube adorned with 1,000 Swarovski crystals, it upped its luxe quotient with a mascara casing made of 18k gold with 2,500 blue diamonds and a lipstick casing made of 18k gold with 1,200 pink diamonds. At an extensive price tag $14 million, the product comes with lifetime refills, 24/7 phone support, discounts and gift-wrapping services.

We hope a peek into the overtly ridiculous luxury products helped you feel thankful for your easy and simple life.

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