We don’t want our little bundles of joy to feel neglected because of all the attention Thanksgiving decor and Christmas shopping is currently enjoying. Therefore, today our post is entirely dedicated to the kids getting crafty this holiday season. With Thanksgiving just round the corner, engage your little ones in the craft supplies, which will not only keep them occupied and excited but also out of your way :p, (if that is what you are looking for). Look below for the 10 easy and cute crafts that you can actually display all through the Fall.

1. Pilgrim Hat Crayon Cup

pilgrim hat crayon cup

Pilgrim hat crayon cup is one creative and useful craft that the kids will enjoy and utilise during the colouring time. Easy to do, just ask the kids to prepare the crayon cups in advance. If this above-given image is not getting the picture clear, follow the instructions from Kristyn of lilluna.com.

2. Owl Puppet

owl puppet

With too much turkey talk in the air, it would be fresh to try another bird based project for this Thanksgiving. A paper owl is a good alternative, it can become anything, hat or mask, depending on where you attach the string.

3. Leaf Catcher

leaf catcher1

DIY leaf catcher could be an interesting present for the kids. Create this easy and simple leaf catcher and capture all of their positive thought in the pretty display for the Thanksgiving.

4. Napkin Rings

napkn rings

Make your little one feel a part of the holiday decor by letting him or her help you set the table. Make the kids craft the festive napkin rings that add a personal as well as decorative touch to the table. Napkin rings are easy to create and with the unique design they can add a festive value to space.

5. Fall Wreath Welcome Sign

fall wreath welcome sign

Instead of going for the traditional store bought wreath, switch to handmade chalkboard paint. Grab a simple tray and let the kids colour the paint. After the colour dries, you can use chalk to write a warm Thanksgiving greeting. Let the kids wrap Fall foliage around the tray for your creation. For full instructions, visit countryliving.com.

6. Pumpkin Place Card Holders

pumpkin place card holders

As we all know that Thanksgiving is incomplete without the touch of pumpkin, that is why this glitter craft will not just put the little crafters at work but also bring a touch of elegance to the holidays. With glitter and gratitude, the craft will reflect fine elegance. You can see the step by step procedure on bestfriendswithfrosting.com.

7. Corn Wreath

corn wreath 1

This creative wreath is made by using bubble wrap. The bubble wreath with the help of colour is made to look just like the one you would find in the field. Easy to make, the kids can equally enjoy making it, considering the fun element of bubble wrap.

8. Native Necklace

native necklace

Slightly different, the native necklace is a fun and unique piece of craft to prepare for Thanksgiving. All you need is remove the top ring of the paper cup and punch two holes, one in the top and one in the bottom centre. Afterwards, paint the ring and add the cord and beads. You can also attach a feather and bead to each end of the cord to finish off the look.

9. Pine Cone Turkey

pine cone turkey

This pine cone turkey is a perfect holiday craft, especially for a vegan home. Very easy to make, it just requires you to go to your backyard and pick up the perfect little pieces for the ideal body of the bird.

10. Family Tree

family tree

Prepare a family tree for your kids way before the family visits for the holidays. Thumb or handprint the tree in beautiful shades of orange and green for the perfect autumnal touch. The chart is easy to prepare and the kids can easily chip in during the preparation.

Pick the favorite design and engage the kids in the easy yet amazing Thanksgiving craft ideas.

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