The Halloween season is here and soon Thanksgiving will follow. Are you planning to prepare a Thanksgiving feast or are you the one who is going be invited over a feast? If you are an early starter and have started with your prep, we have a list of things that you can include to turn the event into an unforgettable memory. So, before you start making your Thanksgiving list, make sure to scroll down and jot down the essentials.

10. Decorative Roller Cutter

decorative roller cutter

This decorative roller cutter can make you look like a baking pro! When it comes to cooking, presentation is sometimes as important as taste and it becomes all the more important on occasion like Thanksgiving dinner. This roller cutter comes with 6 changeable wheels that lets you experiment with various designs while you prepare your crusts, pies or cookies. Making things a lot more convenient, this is certainly going to be a great help!

9. Halloween-themed Dishtowel

halloween themed dishtowel

The feast shouldn’t just end with the meal and should continue with things we generally don’t prefer, like doing the dishes and drying the washed dishes. Well, remind yourself of the the good times and thanksgiving spirit with these dishtowels. It comprises of classic thanksgiving symbols embroidered beautifully on a cotton dishtowel.

8. Pumpkin Servers

pumpkin servers

The fall belongs to the Pumpkins! First Halloween and then Thanksgiving. Nothing can be more wonderful than serving your guest these glazed stoneware pumpkin servers. This would certainly make your dining table look much more interesting. These are dishwasher and microwave safe.

7. Perfect Cooking Baking Sheets

perfect cooking baking sheets

Continuing on the perfect presentation, coming up with perfectly sized cookies can be a lot tricky until you are seasoned at the art. This baking sheets lets you bake 13 perfectly shaped, spaced and sized cookies at one time. The sheet comes with margins that help you bake perfect and consistent cooking. You don’t have to use butter, oil or any parchment paper for baking on this sheet.

6. Turkey Salt and Pepper Shaker

turkey salt and pepper shaker

We have had the pumpkins, aren’t we forgetting something? Yes, the Turkeys! Here we have turkey salt and pepper shaker that looks beautiful and will enchant your guests. Infact, if you are going for a Thanksgiving dinner, we suggest you take this set as a gift for the host. These Turkey shakers are crafted with great details and presents a beautiful sculpture of the iconic bird.

5. Watercolor Leaves Napkin

watercolor leaves napkin

The motifs created on these napkins are taken from the original work that was created in Pottery Barn design studio. They come in light pastel hues and would perfectly compliment the Thanksgiving dining table. These Autumn-themed napkins are a perfect companion to a thanksgiving dinnerware.Buy Now

4. Thanksgiving Wreath

thanksgiving wreath

Pumpkin and gourds with twigs, oak leaves and berries interspersed together to form a wreath. You can use this wreath as a perfectly welcoming gesture by putting it at your entrance. This gesture would certainly make your guest excited and look forward to the dinner.

3. Silver Mercury String Lights

silver mercury string lights

It is always interesting to decorate the space as per the occasion. For Thanksgiving we mostly tend to limit ourself with the dinning table, however there is so much more interesting things we can do like decorating the dining with these strings lights . If you have plants in the area it would be wonderful to decorate them with these lights to create a warm ambiance.

2. Thanksgiving Salad Plate

thanksgiving salad plate

While having guests over for dinner, dining ware is a concern apart from the food. Just like our food we want our plates and cutlery to look perfect and elegant. This can be reassured if you purchase the given salad plate set. These salad plate comes with exquisite artwork that completely goes with the Thanksgiving theme.

1. Thanksgiving Napkin Ring

thanksgiving napkin ring

Little gesture, small things make a huge difference. Here is an example of how. These handcrafted napkin rings have the sentiments of Thanksgiving inscribed in them. These rings are hand-made with steel and have gold plated on them. It surely is gentle reminder of the true spirit of Thanksgiving festival.

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