Nanoleaf Aurora has come up with a fully customizable lighting solution. They have created a modular system of LED panels that are energy efficient and can be controlled with the help of the remote, smartphone app and also your voice. These lights are called as the Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Lighting. Aurora has given these lights the tag of “living paint”.



If you are someone who quickly gets bored and like to redo your interior every now and then, these LED panels are sure to impress you. You can change them, customize them with your changing moods. The company likes to call it the perfect fusion of design, lighting and technology.


led panels

This lightning system comprises of 9 triangular LED lights that are lightweight and can fit together in different configurations. Here comes the interesting part, these 9 triangular plates can light in a variety of colors. To be more specific, these lights use a palette of over 16 million colors.

triangular led

So if you want some warm for a cold evening or something soothing for a sunny afternoon, you can have it all. They come with possibly all kinds of moods lighting. You can use them on you walls or any other flat surface in your home.

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You don’t even need to drill any holes on your wall since the light panels are very lightweight, making them more easy to use. The Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter lighting kit comes with 9 RGBW smart LED Panels, 9 Panel Connectors, 9 Mounting Stencils, 28 Mounting Strips, 1 Power Supply Unit and 1 Controller Unit. It comes with a remote control and can also be controlled by configuring with the Nanoleaf Smarter Series app. You can also use your voice to control it.

panel connectors

During the night these lights can be used to mimic daylight and you can also it as natural light. The company plans to come up with a sunrise function that will led the lights to gradually get brighter, like the sunlight, to help people wake up in the morning.

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These smarter light kits are available at Best Buy and MoMA Design store

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