Lighting can make or break the essence of a living room design. While the right kind of lighting can ensure that even a small living room looks charming, the vice versa can also be true. If you have been worried like several other homeowners about the right use of, here are some examples to learn from.

Contemporary Living Room Lighting

contemporary living room lighting

Nice clean lines for ceiling lighting can light up the whole space evenly while ensuring that you are not blinded! Opt for embedded lighting fixtures along the plinth lines of the ceiling and smaller bulb installations at even distances. Lights with adjustable intensities can be a great solution to make a dynamic environment.

Ceiling Lights Design for Large Living Rooms

ceiling lights design for large living room

Photo By: Larry Hanna

If you have the advantage of a huge living room, a central piece of big chandelier hanging from the ceiling can be a charming idea. You will not only have the advantage of a single light fixture taking care of the whole room but also reflective surfaces creating ambient lighting in all corners.

Luxurious Living Room Decorating Idea

luxurious living room decorating idea

A lot of singular focused lighting fixtures can come together to provide an unusual charm to your living room. Just ensure that everything is to the limit of “ambient” and that all strategic places are well focused upon.

Sectional Living Room Ceiling

sectional living room ceiling

Photo By: D. Shields-Marley

In sectional designs, you can use the ceiling lighting to light up certain sections of the living room as required. Adjustable intensity fixtures can be a great advantage to this end. You can choose to save a lot in electricity while ensuring that a rustic ambience is consistent to your theme all throughout.

White Living Room Ceiling Lights

white living room ceiling lights

There is so much elegance in minimalistic décor. If you are a believer of the same, white ceiling lighting can beef up your space and evoke a special charm. Complimented by a fireplace and edge lighting, it can be a choice that all would want but few would be able to carry forward!

Small Living Room Lighting

small living room lighting

Smaller living rooms can do well with strategically placed ceiling lights that light up every corner of the room. This not only engages more functionality but also make the room feel bigger. An installation that would focus light along the ceiling and reflect to every part of the room is an advisable choice.

Art Deco Living Room Ceiling

art deco living room ceiling

If you are passionate about art, there are ceiling lights that can rightly match your choices and personality. Special installations like these will not just make your living room the centre piece of attraction but also ensure that everyone notices your collection (art/painting) spread out on the walls!

Classic Living Room Ceiling Lights

classic living room ceiling lights

Photo By: Eric Lucero Photography

Classy is more or less monochrome. White ceiling lights along the beams can well focus your rustic installations and furnishing. Further, these lights can be well adjusted to ensure a focal point in the room where all the activity goes around – be it around the sofa or the bar.

Large Living Room with Chandeliers

large living room with chandeliers

If your overall living room décor has a huge splash of color all around, a chandelier can be the perfect lighting addition. Depending upon the décor scheme, there would be several chandelier designs to choose from.

Black and White Living Room Design

black and white living room design

There’s a special charm in the monochrome that not many would understand. But for those who do, embedded ceiling lights for the living room can be a great way to create the subdued but powerful ambience you are trying to achieve!

Living Room With Fireplace

living room with fireplace

Large Living Room Lighting Design

large living room lighting design

Simple Family Room Ceiling Light

simple family room ceiling light

Small Living Room Lighting Idea

small living room lighting idea

Brown Living Room Ceiling Lights Design

brown living room celing lights design

Transitional Family Room Interior

transitional family room interior

Unique Lighting Design For Living Room

unique lighting design for living room

Traditional Living Room Design Idea

traditional living room design idea

Family Room With Ceiling Lights

family room with ceiling lights

Living Room With Skylight

living room with skylight

Photo By: Ron Nathan Interiors

Ceiling lights can go a long way in accentuating the personality of your living room. With so many options available, it is really an interesting part of home design. Do let us take a peek into your living room by sharing pictures!

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