Creating a sunroom inside a house is a great idea as it allows plenty of natural light to enter the room, thus keeping it fresh and crisp. The best part is that you get to enjoy the surroundings and the beautiful view outside the house while protecting yourself from rain and other weather conditions. When it comes to designing a sunroom, there are plenty of designs to choose from. For instance, adding rich and bold accents in a dark colored décor will create a stunning effect. Let’s have a look at some of the sunroom lighting designs as follows:

Sunroom Ceiling Lighting

sunroom lighting designs

This large and spacious sunroom features glass doors surrounding the living area, the outside area is covered with plantation which is a treat for the eyes and can be enjoyed from inside. The room is adorned with warm sofas, rugs, coffee table and lamps.

Sunroom Recessed Lighting Idea

sunroom recessed lighting idea

This gorgeous white sunroom is a traditional style and the recessed lighting idea is great to be incorporated within. The hanging chandelier features candle lights that create a great mood inside the room. You can also Outdoor Ceiling Lights Ideas

Sunroom Ceiling Wall Lighting

wall lighting for sunroom

This modern living room features amazing wall lighting ideas that are ideal for sunrooms. The ceiling is of wooden where the lights hang low and create a mood. The greenery outside is one beautiful view to be enjoyed from the comfort of the couch inside.

Sunroom Pendant Lighting

sunroom pendant lighting

This beautiful white sunroom is very subtle and has a pop of elegance in it. It features several pendant lights in the same color scheme that is white. It is a cozy sunroom with a breathtaking greenery view outside.

Traditional Sunroom Lighting

traditional sunroom lighting

This is a timeless traditional style sunroom with a green color theme that depicts the nature and its beauty. From the sofas to the coffee table and the cushions, everything has a natural green theme to match the outside view of the house.

Outdoor Hanging Sunroom Lighting

outdoor lighting for sunroom

Design by Tom Jenkins Films

This sunroom having a traditional style to it is very large and spacey. It features several sofas, lights and also natural pots inside the room. There are several glass windows that allow you to enjoy the outside view of the place.

Cove Sunroom Lighting

cove lighting sunroom

This lavish little sunroom features a luxurious round dining table with printed designed chairs along with it. Apart from that, it features a classic chandelier light. It has cove lighting high in the ceiling which absolutely sets the mood.

Sunroom Chandelier Lighting

sunroom chandelier lighting

This traditional living room features chandelier lighting along with other ceiling lights. The room has the usage of warm toned colors like dark brown with white and has a lovely greenery view outside.

Sunroom String Lighting Design

sunroom string lighting design

This rustic sunroom featuring string lighting design is beautiful and one of a kind. It features strings that are attached to the chairs that create a slightly swing effect. The doors are fully covered with screens and the lighting is perfectly suited to the design.

DIY Sunroom Track Lighting

track lighting sunroom

This warm, comfortable, cozy and luxurious sunroom is beautiful and has track lighting on the ceiling. The windows are large enough for the natural light to pave its way and keep the room looking and feeling  warm all day long.

Modern Sunroom Pipe Lighting

modern sunroom track lighting

Design by Ashbury General Contracting & Engineering

Wooden Sunroom Wall Mount Lights

wooden sunroom wall lighting

Eclectic Sunroom Light Idea

eclectic sunroom light idea

Custom Sunroom Light Fixture

custom sunroom light fixture

Design by : Rachel Whyte

Sunroom Ceiling Light Design

sunroom ceiling light design

Sunroom Colorful Hanging Lights

sunroom colorful light design

Transitional Sunroom Lighting Idea

traditional sunroom lighting idea

Sunroom lighting ideas are plenty but they have to be selected carefully as per the design of the room. The above sunroom lighting ideas are there for you to incorporate, you can draw inspiration from them to create your own unique sunroom with lighting that is perfect for the mood and furthermore they enhance the mood. The lighting has to also complement the furniture of the room including the sofas, rugs, lamps, flooring etc.

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