A black and white combination gives elegance to any room. If you want to have a very unique flooring design, using back and white tiles is the best way to go.

Black and White Diamond Floor Tiles

comtemporary kitchen floor tiles idea


Master Bathroom Black and White Tiles

master bathroom black and white tiles


Black and White Floral Tiles

bathroom floral tiles idea


It is possible to create different beautiful flooring designs with tiles of different designs. For instance, a set of white tiles can be used with an equal number of black tiles. To get the chessboard black and white floor design, the trick is to place the tiles alternately – white, black, white, black. The placement of the tiles should maintain the alternate arrangements both vertically and horizontally.

Kitchen Black and White Tile Floor

kitchen black and white tile floor


Kitchen Black and White Floor Tiles

kitchen black and white floor tiles


Black and White Marble Flooring

black and white marble flooring


Entry Way Black and White Tiles

entry way black and white tiles


The diamond black and white floor design or the checkered floor is another result that can be achieved using white tiles and black tiles. A round room – though is quite uncommon – can also be made to look stunningly magnificent with the swirling black & white floor design.

Bathroom Small Black and White Tiles

classy bathroom small tiles


Living Room with Black Flooring

living room with black flooring


Small Black and White Shower Tiles

small pattern shower room tiles

Katy Repka Design

Black and White Diamond Shape Tiles

black and white diamond shape tiles


Geometric designs are also very commonly used for black & white inspired flooring ideas. You can choose from; striped, wave, hexagonal, zig zag and polka dots. These black and white floor patters can also be achieved by painting wooden floors with high quality paints. Additionally, black and white floor designs are ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and foyers.

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