Floor Designs and Ideas

It’s a well known fact that the choices can get overwhelming when it is about interior designing of your own home. Personalizing the space to meet your lifestyle and taste is definitely a big deal. With flooring itself, there are a lot of choices to browse through. Common floor designs integrate patterns, hardwood, tiling, and mosaic, abstract and even glass in some cases. The number of materials you can use and the number of patterns you can integrate are never ending and really depend on your idea of personalization. Let’s look at some of the common aspects of flooring design: Read More

Enhancing your room space

The right type of flooring material and design can go a long way in enhancing the room space you have. Open floor patterns can create an illusion of a bigger space even if you have a small room. Experienced architects recognize the various opportunities to remove any kind of visual barriers. Further, the integration of artificial and natural lighting can go a long way in creating a luxurious setting.

A connection between the indoors and outdoors

Many luxurious homes and commercial spaces across the globe use an open floor plan to facilitate a connection between the interior and outdoor spaces. Expanding the interior floor design to the outside verandah is among the common process. This helps create a large and connected ‘single’ space. The use of materials like glass and other exclusive ceramics adds to the benefits.

Rolling on the floor!

Floors can take the platform of entertainment in many homes. If you have kids or pets, the floor plan and design will be one of the crucial considerations to make. An open and big layout also ensures that your guests have more ‘floor space’ to be accommodated in and the hubbub through the doors gets easier. To this end, some homes and offices even go wider doors (glass being the common material) and less number of walls.

Keeping yourself safe

While all the above are true, it is also necessary to invest in a floor plan that also adheres to safety protocols. Kids and pets don’t doo too well on slippery floors or floors that can’t absorb moisture and are wet. The materials used in floor also relates to the overall hygiene of the household. Wooden floors can attract a lot of germs and rodents (laminate is an alternative) and glass floors have their own limitations.

When looking for the best floor plan for your home or office, internet could be the best source of information. Floor design is among the “hottest” topics in architecture designing. Further, trends are continuously changing with new materials and designs. Complimented by the right décor and furnishing, a floor would be a great way to introduce personalization into your lifestyle. Again, depending upon the availability of space and the budget at hand, there are so many things you can do. The choices are never ending and you might even come up with the next architectural wonder in your own home!