There are many different options when it comes in floor designs. You can choose a synthetic composition like laminate flooring or you can go for tiles. The variety of tile designs can give you countless options like porcelain, stone, travertine and many more. Complete your house with a design that can be a state of art and will add vivacious personality in your space. Keep on reading for our collection of tile flooring design ideas. You may also See 3d Floor Tile Designs

Wood Tile Flooring

wood tile flooring

Buckner Construction Inc.

Tiles can imitate any material. You can find many tiles in wood design that come in a great range of colors and styles to use in your house. The artificial wood grains give a realistic design making the space warm.

Kitchen Tile Flooring

kitchen tile flooring

Thomas Fine, CGR, GMB & CGP

Your kitchen needs flooring designs that can be easily cleaned and maintained. There is a great variety of tiles that have high qualities and exquisite properties that make them ideal for kitchens. Choose the right design following the kitchen’s style.

Laminate Tile Flooring

laminate tile flooring

Suburban Floor Covering

Laminate flooring has a photographic design that can imitate many materials like tiles. You can find incredible designs that come with a “click lock” design for easy and fast installation. The variety of styles is really stunning with affordable prices.

Stone Tile Flooring

stone tile flooring

Direct Hardwood Flooring

Stone flooring designs have a rough look that makes them ideal for patios and decks. However you can bring these designs indoors, choosing a design for traditional or cottage style in bright colors that will add character in your space.

Porcelain Tile Flooring

porcelain tile flooring

Porcelain comes in many different finish designs. You can choose the right finish taking in mind the use and maintenance that it might require. A sleek finish looks perfect in bedrooms and entrance ways while matte in kitchens and bathrooms.

Garage Tile Flooring

garage tile flooring

Garage Envy

In the market you can find a multitude of interlocking tiles that are suitable for your garage. These tiles come in many different colors and designs, while their interlocking feature allows easy and fast installation. You may also See Garage Flooring Tiles

Bathroom Tile Flooring

bathroom tile flooring

Highmark Builders

Your bathroom is going to look scrumptious with any design you might choose. There are tiles with wood look, stone look and mosaic look that can give you incredible combinations and stunning designs creating stylish and full of character space.

Marble Tile Flooring

marble tile flooring

Cumming's Carpet One

Marble looks elegant and luxurious. You can find it in many colors with fabulous designs that will turn your space into glamorous areas. You can choose white color for natural and bright look or a dark one for dramatic effect.

Black and White Tile Floors

black and white tile floors

Design of...

You will find many designs in black and white colors. These tiles are going to make your space look stunning no matter what design you choose, while they can accentuate many room styles like vintage, Victorian and contemporary.

Concrete Tile Flooring

concrete tile flooring

Concrete is a versatile material that can be used in flooring designs. You can create incredible settings with concrete tiles that will complement the industrial and contemporary styles. Many homeowners have chosen these tiles and got rewarded with stunning houses.

Outdoor Tile Flooring

outdoor tile flooring

Patterson Custom Homes

Slate, stone, ceramic and porcelain are featuring in outdoor spaces. The designs come in wonderful styles and color combinations that will make your deck and your garden look fantastic. Choose a tile design that is resistant against extreme weather conditions.

Mosaic Floor Tiles

mosaic floor tiles

David Watson Architects

Mosaic tiles have unique designs that can bring you a special look even to a plain room. You can find incredible designs with mosaic tiles, available in a great range of prices and styles to choose the best for your house.

Commercial Tile Flooring

commercial tile flooring

Fiddlehead Design Group, LLC

Commercial tiles need to be lightweight and easy to install at any place destined for commercial use. For this you can choose vinyl tile flooring. It will give you a durable design with realistic looks and a great range of colors.

Modern Tile Flooring

modern tile flooring

Egue y Seta

If your favorite style is the contemporary then you don’t need to worry because you can find many designs that will help you design your home in the most creative way. Choose the color depending on the furniture you have.

Ceramic Tile Flooring

ceramic tile flooring

Martha O'Hara Interiors

Ceramic tiles have an elegant look that can upgrade every room in your house. You can choose a simple design for a neutral floor or you can consider a decorative one that will bring style and character in the room. You may also See Bathroom Tile Floor Designs

The variety of finishes is going to truly amaze you. You can create the most wonderful settings for your house by choosing beautiful and creative flooring designs. Tiles have a really vast range in styles and shapes allowing you to find the right one for every space of your home.

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