Planning to renovate your floor? This would be the perfect opportunity to do something unique with your floor. The design of the floor can be an interesting tool to liven up the space. This is especially relevant if you have a small room to start with. The right kind of floor pattern can make a room more spacious. Other advantages with unique floor patterns include ease of maintenance, adding to the overall décor of the house and creating an interesting personal space, full of fun and colors. Check out these unique floor patterns people are using in their homes.

Polished Wood Flooring

polished wood flooring

There’s nothing else that can beat the appeal of a polished hardwood floor. The rustic appeal is enchanting and can immediately raise the value of your property. You can further use a laminate to add more years to the look and make it easy for maintenance.

Hardwood Floor Pattern

hardwood floor patterns

Every house owners would want his/her properly to have a wooden floor – there’s a unique charm to it. However, wooden flooring can be quite expensive and also demand a lot in maintenance. That’s not a very encouraging investment. You can however have the same looks of it by using a hardwood pattern floor paper. If done by an experienced decorator, the difference would be hard to notice!

Chevron Wood Floor

chevron wood floor

A Chevron wood floor finish looks highly sophisticated and is ideal if you are creating a professional space. The rusty accent of the flooring here can be rightly highlighted by using warm illumination and minimalistic décor. You can also see Italian Flooring Designs

Contemporary Wood Floor

contemporary wood floors

In this example, the home owner has been able to amazingly use this rectangular floor pattern to create a sophisticated floor space. The black and brown gradient created by the wood polish looks unique and suits a rich living style.

Oak Wood Floor Tiles

oak wood floor tiles

Tiles can be a good substitute to wooden flooring. Here, the pattern in the tiles represents oak wood flooring. The roughness is nevertheless smoothened out by the laminate effect created by the polish. Well, while you are saved from oak creaks, the look created is rich and unique!

Travertine Wood Tiles

travertine wood tiles

Travertine is among the most ideal material for any kind of flooring. Sturdy and resistant to heat, shock and damp, travertine lasts long and increases the value of your property to a great extent. Well, you can also be a step further by using travertine tiles with wood patterns. They don’t just impact the rich look but can be a lasting addition to the décor of the space.

Light Wood Flooring Idea

light wood flooring idea

Light colored wood is ideally suited to create a brighter space. In this example, the homemaker has been able to create a really posh setting by using plank patterned wood tiles. Minimalistic furnishing helps highlight the patterns.

Gray Wood Flooring Design

gray wood flooring design

If you are looking to create an ultra-modern appeal, gray wood would be a perfect way to o about it. A rare find, this would certainly cost you a bit but nevertheless help create a space that is rich, unique and highly valued.

Deck Wood Plank Flooring

deck wood plank flooring

Design by : Andrew Snow Photography

Perfect for outdoor flooring, a deck wood design will perfectly balance the journey from the indoors to the outdoor. The plank flooring tiles look rich and are also sturdy enough to bear the elements.

Outdoor Wood Deck Flooring

outdoor deck wood flooring

Traditional Wood Pattern Floor

traditional wood pattern

Dark Wood Flooring Pattern

dark wood flooring idea

Wood Flooring Pattern Design

wood flooring pattern design

Solid Parquet Wooden Flooring

solid parquet flooring

Hardwood Flooring Pattern

outer look hardwood flooring

Modern Wood Pattern Flooring Idea

modern wood pattern flooring idea

Design by : Arnold Ziffel

Vinly Wood Flooring Idea

trendy wood flooring idea

Deck Wooden Pallets Flooring

interior deck flooring pattern

Design by : River City Woodworks

White Polished Wood Flooring Idea

white olied wood flooring idea

Design by : HFcentre

Hope you have found new ideas to go about your wood flooring. A wooden floor interior design is one of the most revered ideas in property architecture. Do share what you finally do with your space!

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